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How to Create TrueView for Shopping Video Ad Campaigns?



TrueView for Shopping Video Ad Campaigns

Do you want to elaborate your promotion strategies through TrueView for Shopping Campaigns?

What does it mean?

Is it worthy to make the higher sales?

TrueView for Shopping Video Ad Campaigns

The advanced feature of Google Adwords to boost the video ad campaigns by making it simple and efficiently can be defined as TrueView ads. TrueView for Shopping Campaigns will push the video ads that directly reach the audience which provides all information about the products and let them participate in buying.

The existing ‘Merchant Center’ product data is used by these ads to produce the Shopping Cards. 6 Shopping Cards present in the video ad campaign. The selection of specific product is available to display in the video ads.

Shopping cards on YouTube

The TrueView for Shopping Campaign will display the list of product ads next to the in-stream TrueView video ads that are named as Shopping Cards.

When the viewer selects the ad campaigns to watch then, it let advertisers pay otherwise they need not pay for random impressions.

If any specific product is used in the video of YouTube, then it is sure that product videos are displayed next to the video. Hence, it drives the audiences to purchase the product.

Shopping cards Vs. Channel Cards

Both the Shopping Cards and Channel Cards will help to exhibit the products on YouTube channel. But the difference is
Channels Cards can be placed in the channel with no advertising activity on it.

Whereas, the Shopping Cards are displayed in TrueView for Shopping Campaign. These are placed near the videos where the same category of products is used in the video as it is discussed earlier.

How to create TrueView for shopping campaign?

The following are the steps to create the TrueViw for Shopping Campaign.

  • Log in to the Google AdWords account.
  • Select the video by choosing the +campaign that appears in the Campaigns tab.
  • Add the name of the campaign and then change the campaign subtype to “Shopping.”
  • Select the Merchant Id next to the “Merchant Identifier” for the picked campaigns that you want to place in this campaign.
  • Just leave the settings of the Product Filter to default option when you want to use the Shopping Cards to all the assigned products that linked to the Merchant Center account.
  • If you want o to advertise the subset of products in the shopping campaign then
  • To search the specific product from the Merchant Center account select the “choose specific products.”
  • Choose the brand name and product type that you want to advertise by selecting the “Create custom filters.”
  • Now you can set the budget. You can also select the location and the language of the required.
  • Then select ‘Save and Continue.’
  • Now enter the name of ad group and then follow the instructions to create the ad group in the creation of TrueView video campaign.

Ways to use ‘Create custom filters’:

To choose the subset of products in the ad campaign from the Merchant Center, the ‘Custom Filters’ should be selected.

  • The attribute text and the information given in the product data must be matched.
  • To add up 7 attributes in the custom filter use +AND.
  • To create the other custom filter use +OR.
  • You Can insert one value for each field you have.
  • More than one value is not possible to enter by separating with commas.

Benefits of TrueView for Shopping video ad campaigns

Higher Traffic:

Most of the brands are in the use of TrueView for Shopping campaigns. It generates higher click-through rates for shopping campaigns than textual ads that appeared in the same location of shopping searches. Through this advertisers are attaining double or triple of click-through rates.

Easy Retailing Campaign Management:

Instead of keywords, based on the data provided in the Merchant Center product the TrueView Shopping Ads will display the video campaigns at the relevant searches. In Adwords, the product list browsing is possible and to make the bid on a particular item can be made by creating the product groups.

Highly Qualified Leads:

When all the information about the particular product in the video ad is displayed, then it will be easy for the shoppers to find everything about the product and can lead them to make purchases.

Enhancing the Presence:

The products through the shopping campaigns will be listed more than one at the search results of the user. If it is relevant, then the Shopping ads and text ads are served at the same time. It enhances your online presence with all types of campaign attributes you have as a merchant.

Powerful Reporting:

The performance of the products can be identified. By filtering the product view, the number of clicks obtained to a particular product can be attained.

The working of TrueView video shopping ads

Trueview for Shopping ads are one type of TrueView video shopping ads. The TrueView Shopping Ads the extension of the pre-roll video ads.

Here the pre-roll video ads are also featured by linking the images and prices of the products.

The noticeable thing is that it can only be displayed on your video.

The best thing to do with the old content that attained the reach but not participated in driving the sales then go ahead of using TrueView for Shopping Campaign.


TrueView for Shopping Campaign is the ultimate way to reach your product at the millions of real-time customers and shoppers. Launch this video campaigns will improve ROI and huge sales.

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