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Top Video Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

Video Marketing Trends

The video first recognized for its potential marketing activity and later it has created drastic changes in the video marketing. Nowadays video content is the king of video marketing, but every video does not have the same tendency in Video marketing. It depends on trending content successfully going viral in the market.

72% of the businesses reveals that video increases their conversion rate.

Video marketing was stepping towards numerous ways to explore the world of marketing with mobile apps and other marketing strategies to reach people in various ways.

Here we come up with the top video marketing trends that will dominate 2019.

Long-form Video Content

Sometimes market demands to tell full-length stories for campaigns. Recently Instagram introduced IGVT videos as a competition to YouTube which offers long-form video content. Industry topics, debates, interviews are the best example to robust storytelling long-form video.

We often hear that video with less than minutes are trending now, but it is not at all right. Your loyal customers, new client and new visitors to your business are the best examples that long-form content goes viral in 2019. Explore your ideas in a long length video with the right information, at right time and on the right platform.

Instagram Live Video

Instagram has uniquely introduced its live streaming directly connect with customers or friends with split-screen Live broadcasting. Instagram Live Video is a most powerful trend in 2018 video marketing because it has Nearly 800 million monthly active users. It might be one of the fascinating video marketing trends in the future.


Instagram has become a fascinating tool to connect with customers and to maintain amazing bonding and trust with the clients. Instagram Live streaming has taken B2C expansion to the next level and also become a necessary component to B2C communication in the future.

Many small businesses and organizations started using Instagram as an ultimate tool to grow their business and implementing in their video marketing campaigns.

Vertical Video

Increasing the popularity of video and usage of smartphones vertical video become a hero in the video market. Brands have turned to Vertical video trend to give a unique experience to the consumers. Many Organization is incorporating vertical video into their social media campaigns, including creative text overlays on video content.

Vertical video creates an immersive experience with the Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat stories. Introducing vertical video in your 2019 video marketing campaigns enhance your business sales and growth.

Personalized Video

Personalization is about treating and speaking the consumers as an individual in video marketing. 80% of the brands approach the consumers to know their preference through personalization videos. It’s just like understanding the consumers’ choice to introduce new products from your company in the future.

More than 93% of the companies see the more conversion rate by introducing personalization in their websites. Personalized videos directly communicate and interact with the consumers through their campaigns. It is an excellent tool in 2018 video marketing, hope it will be a part of your 2019 video marketing campaigns for the better result.

360-degree video / VR

360 degree and virtual reality video produce more engagement with consumers rather than normal videos. The trend of 360 degrees,Vr and AR videos is ever evolving in video marketing. People are experiencing the immersive video in the real world through 360-degree video campaigns.

Innovative brands were driving their market into virtual reality to communicate with their consumers uniquely. It creates excellent brands experience for the audience and offers virtual space experience before buying. 360 degree and Virtual reality drive real-time Live viewing experience of the products and increase the sales.

Video Blogging

Blogs are the best platforms for keeping your content fresh and always updated. Video blogs are integrated into your websites and share blog content in social media platform for promotions. 90% of the customers they share the blog content to their friends.

Most of the influencer marketers use their blogs as a professional tool for brand awareness. Till now video Blogging is one of the best video marketing trends, we predict that it should be in the top of the video marketing trends 2019. Video blogging builds brand awareness, generate leads and create great influencers.

Ephemeral Video

Ephemeral video marketing content is messaging, video shots which can only visible for scheduling time on that particular platform. An ephemeral video is one of the video marketing strategies trending in 2018. This might be the best video marketing trends to maintain a massive community for your brands.

Ephemeral marketing delivers the message to people with effective campaigns. This type of video content suitable effective for brand marketing. Snapchat marketing campaigns are crucial offer real-time interaction with the audience.


Customers prefer to watch more videos rather than reading the text on blogs. Companies more focusing on the video content due to the progressing technologies and customers expectations. These are the top video marketing trends that we believe and hope these will be the trend in 2019.

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