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Top 10 YouTube Channels in Germany

YouTube is one of the popular platforms for videos online. There are videos in almost all languages. Check out the list of most subscribed YouTube channels in Germany.


Freekickerz is a Football channel where you can video on challenges, boots, amateur goals, tricks and skills etc. A total number of subscribers is 5,728,517 and a total number of views is 1.460,703,717. This was launched in the year 2010.


Gronkh is another top channel in Germany with over 4,640,081 subscribers and 2,341,771,255 views. The channel was launched in 2006.


BibisBeautyPalace has a high number of subscribers which is 7,745,632 and number of views are 2.188,743,252. It has two channels and was launched in the year 2012.


Kontor.TV is the official Kontor records YouTube channels. The channel was launched in 2006 and number of subscribers is 4,348,048 and number of views are 4,044,935,357.

Julien Bam

Julien Bam has more than 4,256,534 subscribers and a number of views of the channel are 699,004,155. The channel was launched in 2012.

Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee was launched in 2012 and presently a number of subscribers are 3,574,881 and number of views is 753,529,393.


ApeCrime is one of the popular channels in Germany with 3,572,403 subscribers and number of views is 863,993,670. The channel joined in the year 2011.

Simon Desuse

Simon Desuse YouTube channel has 3,503,999 subscribers and 513,356,506 views. The channel was launched in 2009.


Ytitty is another German YouTube channel, one of the biggest channels with more than 3,171,859 subscribers and 787,694,046 views.

ApeCrime TV

ApeCrime TV is another top YouTube channel that has more than 2,133,786 subscribers and 500,393,929 views.

The above mentioned are some of the popular YouTube channels in Germany. There are many other channels with millions of subscribers and more and more views.

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