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Top 10 Free Screen-Recording Apps for Linux

Free Screen-Recording Apps

Desktop screen recording is needed for different purposes. Some of them include gaming session streaming, video tutorials etc. Let us now see some screen recording applications for Linux. Screen recorders can record as a video and also as a gif. Here are the free and open-source screen recorders for Linux.


Kazam is a screen recording app for Linux and can be used by beginners. There is screenshot support also. This supports multiple video formats and allows recording from microphone or speaker.

Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Open Broadcaster Software Studio is a feature rich screen recording application for Linux. This also supports live streaming.


Krut is a Java application. It records video on the screen and also supports audio recording. Its features include live preview, timer etc.


SimpleScreenRecorder is a Qt based screen recording application for Linux. This supports multiple video format and also audio recording from different sources. Live preview while recording can be watched. It also supports Hotkey.


recordMyDesktop is a lightweight tool for Linux screen recording. This can be used from command line.


VokoScreen is a simple screen recording application for Linux. Its features include hotkey support, delay timer support, webcam preview support etc.


Bynanz records screen in OGC and FLV formats. This also can be used to record animated GIFs.


ScreenStudio is written in Java and is cross platform screen recording app for Linux. This also supports image and text overlays.

Gnome and Cinnamon Applets

Gnome and Cinnamon Applets is a screen recording app suitable for beginners. There is no need to install additional software and this app offers a simple solution for Linux users.

VLC multimedia player

A VLC multimedia player is also one of the best tools for desktop recording. To record screen, the user has to select the ‘capture mode’.

The above mentioned are few of the many screen recording applications for Linux. Use the above to record screens, audios and some of them even are useful for streaming.

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