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Top 10 Best Practices for Recruiting Video

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Video is the most engaging marketing tool for product or service selling and everyone is realizing it. Video is equally effective in marketing the job to talented people. It is proved that recruitment videos increase the number of application and the videos will be shared on the social media. Here are few best practices to make use of this powerful tool.

1. When creating a video, explain the core value of the organization.

2. Take the audience on a virtual tour of the facilities in the company.

3. Introduce the employees in the organization. When the job seeker could access the information about the organization, a level of trust is created.

4. Recruiting videos can also contain snippets of company events and celebrations.

5. Interview the employees of the company and encourage them to share the details about their bonuses and other benefits they enjoy.

6. Explain the hiring process in the recruiting video. Let the job seekers know what you are expecting.

7. Animated videos or whiteboard explainer videos are the best types for creating recruiting videos.

8. Clarify the doubts of job seekers in the video. Understand the frequently asked questions and answer the questions in details.

9. Keep the videos short. Ideal length of the recruiting video should not be more than a minute and a half.

10. Include a call to action at the end of the video. Give instructions to the prospective job seekers on how to apply for the post.

Recruiting videos are the best way to attract talented people to work for the organization. Use this method to maintain a competitive advantage when traditional approaches such as establishing the presence on hiring and recruitment channels are not effective. Above said are the best practices that can be followed to make the recruiting videos more effective.

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