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The Ultimate Guide To YouTube Ad Placements


YouTube platform is the second largest and powerful video search engine. It is the best platforms for advertisers as it opens new opportunities to reach billions of people across the platform. Youtube channel is a community-driven media with high valued content.

To get the most out of the Youtube channel, you need to build up the better relationship with the people across Youtube platform with your ads. Advertisers target the same with their ads on Youtube platform.

Youtube offers various ad formats basing on the ad placements and targeting options for the advertisers at different budgets. Youtube platforms had equipped with the different variety of ads in the budget for small to big advertising budgets which made the advertisers look forward to the better strategy with new hope on youtube.

Let us come to different ad formats and the ad placements that impact your overall ad strategy on Youtube platform.

Though you have created a unique, engaging and attractive content for your audience, you need to get the attention of your customers towards your content. By running a series of ads on Youtube, you can be sure to target your audience. With new tracking and ad formats capabilities you can increase your ROI.

New changes in Adwords 2017

Running an advertisement is different from running a PPC ad campaign. There are many creative barriers and lot of options on Youtube platform.

Google had already announced the new changes in the AdWords that allows advertisers to reach a huge audience and can target the views basing on the Google search history along with the viewing behaviors on Youtube and it is already going well.

Ad formats and Ad placements

• The TrueView ads are considered as a standard video ad type on Youtube platforms.

• Advertisers only pay for whenever the viewers watch or interact with the advertisement just like clicking on the CTA in ads.

• The advertiser will pay if the viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the ad

• The TrueView ads are around 12 to 60 seconds in length, and non-skippable ads are of 15 to 30 seconds in length.

Video discovery TrueView ads

• Video discovery ads are placed on the top of Youtube homepage, search results and other related videos on the YouTube watch pages.

• These ad types are seen in the while searching for the videos.

Display TrueView Ads

• These types of ads are placed on the right-hand side of the video sidebar.

• Whenever users click on the ad, they destination page of that video with features will be displayed on the right-hand side column.

• The companion banner ad is displayed in the right-hand corner with a subscription button.

In-stream ads

• The TrueView in-stream ads play before someone watch the video content on Youtube.

• The viewers will get an option for skipping these type of ads.

• These ads are very familiar to the users too.

• Viewers can skip these ads after watching them for five seconds.

• These ads can also be placed on the Google display network.

• Marketers can customize these ads with a different call to actions and text overlays.

Mid-rolls ads

The mid-roll ads are placed in the middle of the particular video. Viewers will view the ads in the middle of video watching on Youtube. These ads can be both skippable and non-skippable ads.

Above all these are different formats of video ads that can see in various places on Youtube platform. The placements can make a great impact on advertising as people like to go through the relevant, attractive, useful and trending ads that perfectly match their requirements. That is the key point that makes the viewers turn to your customers. So, choose a right ad placement.

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