Shoppable Videos

The Ultimate Guide to Shoppable Videos

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The video, since long has been a crucial part of digital media strategy. Brands are incorporating video into their marketing strategy, and Shoppable videos are the recent development. Customers, while watching the video can click on products shown in the video and get the product details including the price, and they can even purchase them. When the viewer clicks on the product in the video, it takes him to a site from where the buyer can do.

What are Shoppable Videos?

The shoppable video is a new marketing tool which is a video that allows the audience to purchase after watching the video campaign. The shoppable videos have the website link of the vendor from where the viewer can learn more about the product and take the decision about purchasing the product.

How to Setup Shoppable Videos

Setting up shoppable videos is very simple and can be done with the help of various tools and platforms available online. A clear call to action is to insert in the video campaign which will take the viewers to the official site of the vendor. Here are few tips for setting up shoppable videos.

  • To kick-start shoppable video campaign, brands must start small Launch one campaign and evaluate how it is performing.
  • To get maximum benefit start working with YouTube directly.
  • A/B test on your site with shoppable and non-shoppable versions of the video. Measure the effectiveness of both.
  • Share the shoppable video on social networking sites also such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.
  • Also, distribute the links through email marketing, embed it on your blog and also feature it on the homepage.

The main aim of creating shoppable video ads is to drive sales. The video diverts the audience to a landing page from where the products purchased. Maintaining a responsive landing page is thus very important. Also, show the other product recommendations in the particular video.

Shoppable Video Trends and Tools

The trend of these videos technology that allows the viewers to directly go to the relevant product shown in the video and make the purchase is expanding. Big brands are using this innovative tool.

Shoppable videos are a great option for the marketers who expect direct sales from their video campaigns. According to latest studies, a large percentage of consumers would like to use shoppable videos to make the purchase directly from the video ad campaign.

Shoppable videos used as the guide to services and products. The latest trend is to make videos that show the brand ambassador or a model to discuss the latest products and service of the brand.

Wideo is a platform that helps in creating shoppable videos. It does not take much time to create this type of videos and call to action buttons need to be inserted in the video.

Invodo is another site that helps in creating interactive content showing the services or products of a company to engage the customers. Shoppable video experience created for a video already existing online or to a new video. Facebook is also ready to test shoppable video ads for retailers.

Shoppable Video Ads

Shoppable videos are a choice for the marketers to direct the viewers to focus on their marketing campaigns. Creating quality content helps in gaining viewers attention.

Whether to engage the audience or to drive sales, the shoppable video format is the perfect blend for that audience who are not any more interested in traditional ads.

Brands quickly realize the potential of these shoppable videos are experimenting with the format and are benefits from them.