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The Secret Guide to Cloud-Based Video Storage

Cloud-Based Video Storage

It is a real challenge for some people to find enough storage space to hold all their data. Though most people invest in hard drives and other external storage devices like CDs, thumb drives, etc., making space for new information is also crucial. Some people are now relying on cloud-based video storage, a growing trend. There is no need to worry about the safety of the video content as the videos and data will be safe. As long as the internet is available, the video content is fully accessible.

Cloud Video Storage and Streaming

Cloud video storage refers to saving data in the off-site storage system and these are maintained by third parties. The data stored in these external videos through the internet. There is a connection between the database and the computer via the internet.

Cloud video storage offers many advantages. Accessing the data is possible from any location where there is the availability of internet. There is no need to carry the physical storage device or the computer or laptop to retrieve the data. This is also good for collaboration purpose as more people can be allowed to access the video content.

Cloud Based Video Editing

A video needs to be edited before it shown and there are many video editing software for beginners as well as experts. Cloud-based online video editing services is another option for video editing.

The video content that stored in the cloud is editing using these services. The video files can be large and have them on cloud and be editing them makes them easy to share.

YouTube video editor is another tool for online video editing. Upload the video to YouTube and use the editing tools. Videos can join, frames can remove music can add, or the video can be rotated or trimmed.

YouTube video editor also allows annotating frames. JW Player Editor is another online video editing tool that supports a wide range of formats. A free version online storage package is also available along with advanced and pro packages.

WeVideo is another online video editor which is suitable for collaborative online video editor in the cloud. Personal, education and business use packages are available.

The editing options available are full-featured video editing, online collaboration, YouTube, Facebook sharing option, etc. Pixorial is an online video editing tool. This is the consumer-friendly editor.

Video Hosting Platforms

SugarSync is one of the best cloud storage for videos. The video content stored can be accessed on an unlimited number of devices. LiveDrive is another way to safeguard video files.

One of the popular video hosting platforms is Vimeo, and this is especially suited for non-commercial videos. No commercial content is allowed on this platform, but there is an exception for small production companies.

Cloud video hosting is here to stay. Cloud hosting platforms are being used by professionals to store their content safely. VidCorp video hosting platform allows the data to be available with the click of a mouse. The videos saved to servers and the backup servers ensure that the data is safe.

The video hosting platform used by businesses, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations is Viddler. Based on the requirement of the customers, different plans are available. Oculus is another cloud video hosting platform. Brightcove is another video hosting platform that also has video streaming capabilities.

How to choose the best cloud video storage? Most people decide this based on how much free storage offered, but there are many things above this. The basis should be how well the cloud storage works.

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