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Switcher Studio for High-Quality Multi-Camera Live Streaming

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Creating multi-camera video streaming required setting up of different camera, run the camera through switching devices and assign a technician to the switcher etc. There are few video products such as NewTek’s Tricaster using which the multi-camera video shoot is easier. Switcher Studio is a new product that allows the creation of multi-camera stream to go live and various platforms such as Twitch, YouTube etc. the video production manage by Director Mode of Switcher Studios. The switcher studio mobile video app lets the user sync four iPhones and iPads so that the Switcher Studio mobile video app is available in different tiers. These are free tier, basic tier and switcher studio pro. With the free tier, the users can stream up to thirty minutes video per day. The user has to pay $20 per month for the Basic tier, and they can access few Switcher Studio features. There is no limit to the amount of video that can stream. Switcher Studio Pro required the user to pay $299 per year or $25 per month. Users can access the full suite of options, and they can connect four different iOS devices for their streaming.

Switcher Studio: Video Creation Platform – Sync up to 4 iPhones and iPads to record and stream LIVE video

Switcher studio video creation platform introduced Director Mode that allows the user to disable the built-in cameras of the primary device. iPhones or iPads up to four numbers can synced by connecting using router or hotspot. Tap the Rec + Broadcast button in the app. Each connected device with start recording, The user can switch between sources and make the required edits. To use four different devices like cameras, the user needs to have Switcher Studio Pro membership.

Features of Switcher Studio

Switcher studio offers features that effectively make the videos produced to look like professional videos. The user can select layouts like a flap, slot, picture in picture layer and other layouts. Other content can layered in the user production. During the production, the user can add photos or insert an image. There is also a feature to include logos or graphics in the broadcast. The computer screen can be selected as a source. One of the most impressive features of Switcher Studio is that different mobile devices can be used as individual cameras.

The new features of Switcher Studio V2.7 are the Facebook live integration, new video encoding and decoding, improved wireless video quality and the longer battery source for the devices that are connected for live streaming.

Advantages of Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is an iOS mobile app that allows creating multi cameras live streaming video. The users can use their iOS devices such as iPads or iPhones as cameras and create 1080p HD broadcast of high quality. The video can be shot from different angles using the four devices. Through Switcher studio, it is possible to go live on YouTube or Facebook. The Director mode feature of Switcher Studio comes with built-in a speed test. Switcher Studio checks the internet connection speed of the user and adjusts the resolution of the live video stream, which is one of the best advantages of this app. During the production of videos, there is a possibility to inserts graphics, images or overlays into the video. The Switcher Cast Screen sharing app helps in this. No hardware or additional gadgets required for inserting these things. Any iPhone or iPad needs to synced to the same router, and it turns it into a communication hub for cameras.


Subscribing to Switcher studio is very easy and only costs $25 per month. Free trial is also available for one week.

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