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Snapchat Video Advertising: Best Tips for Snapchat Video Ads

Snapchat Video Ads

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks. It has more than hundred million daily active users. Videos receive over ten billion videos on this platform.Snapchat Video Advertising is one of the popular ways to do Marketing for Big Brands

Studies revealed that more than seventy-six percent of Snapchat users go for online shopping which makes this the perfect place for running e-commerce related campaigns. Studies also showed that Snapchat users spend a minimum of thirty minutes in the app and so catching their attention with video ads is easy.

Why use Snapchat for Video Advertising?

Most of the brands online are using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for promoting their brand or products. There is a lot of competition between brands for connecting with the users on these kinds of platforms.

Snapchat’s popularity though is increasing among advertisers, and the competition is less for the time being when compared with other networks.

Snapchat helps the brands to reach the new audience with video advertising. It is a combination of social network and messaging app, and there is a lot of opportunities to connect with the new audience in different ways. Snapchat is authentic.

It is recommended to create a sense of urgency while advertising on Snapchat. Snapchat advertising will move the users to take quick action. Mixing up images and videos for marketing on Snapchat keeps up the interest of the audience. Use the video to tell an exciting story.

Best Tips for Snapchat Video Ads

  • Snapchat story is the central part of the platform, and it displayed for about twenty-four hours. It can create by combining videos and photos. After the introduction of story replies, anyone can reply to the video or photo. Video Ads on Snapchat helps the marketers to get feedback. Instant feedback helps in measuring the success of the campaign.
  • Story replies feature helpful for the brands to conduct contests, host polls or ask questions and encourage users to participate.
  • Since Snapchat has higher engagement rate than any other platform, using coupon codes helps in getting high success rate.
  • To boost video marketing campaign on Snapchat, promote the snap code. Snapcodes can found on the profile page of the app.
  • Brands or marketers may not have time to respond to every follower’s comments individually. But make sure that you reply to at least some of the comments. It helps in engaging with the followers.
  • Add texts and drawings to the video, and this helps the audience to understand the video more when they watch it without sound.
  • Record the videos in vertical format. Vertical videos are proved to engage the audience more. If the video content looks and feels native, viewers will engage more.
  • Ensure that the content that created is entertaining and is of some value to the user.
  • Stories on Snapchat will disappear or expire after twenty-four hours. Thus use them to host flash sales. Give exclusive promotional offers to the followers. It also keeps the customers engaged.
  • To stand out from the millions of videos, which uploaded to Snapchat video advertisements must be funny and not only that they must be relevant to the audience and personalised.
  • Video advertisers have to deliver the message in the ten seconds time they have which is challenging. Be bold and consider offering great storyboard.
  • Create behind the scene videos. People are fascinated to see behind the scenes of the brands and businesses. Marketers can create these videos on a daily basis to connect with the followers. Behind the scene videos also helps to always stay in the minds of the people.
  • Ask questions to the audience and get feedback from them. Queries and A is the perfect way to create personal relationships with the followers.
  • Use the customizable Geofilters. Create your designs with the templates provided to create filters. Pick Geofence and choose time and dates to make the Geofilter available. Submit the Geofilter to Snapchat for approval. Then start using and get the recording.
  • Big businesses can use world lenses to create exciting videos. Experiment and see how well these can integrate into your advertising campaign.
  • Another great tool Snapchat provides for influencer marketing is the Snapchat Spectacles. Though these are expensive, they can give immersive experience to the audience. The videos recorded from the first-person perspective. The people watching the video will feel that they are at the event or witnessing it in person.
  • Snapchat appeals to the younger audience. Using video marketing can help capture the attention. Find a favorite Snapchat user and take their help to reach them and increase brand recognition.

Consumption of video on Snapchat increased by more than three hundred percent since a year. It predicted that the user base of the platform would increase to over two hundred million by the end of 2017. It also expected that this is going to be the new platform for the advertisers to get good returns on their investment in advertising for years to come.

Snapchat is innovative medium and is evolving. It has the features that help the brands to create engaging and immersive content for their audience. Since its release in 2011, it has been a favourite app.New features such as videos, filters, lenses were adding over the years. Advertisers are now considering it a new powerful marketing tool to reach the audience.


Snapchat is best platform for video advertising on social media. Follow the above tips to use the New Snapchat video advertising app for your business. complete guide to know why should we use Snapcaht for video advertising.

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