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What is Sling TV?

Sling TV

We all are frustrated of using cord cable which has struck in creating too many issues for the customers, and this is eating the time and money of users. Now everyone turned to tune the OTT service which is being as the trending television channels provided through the satellite system using the internet like Sling TV.

Then which could be the one in that to provide the entertainment for the customers without going back to the home of cord-cable issues? Yes, we have a solution for it. The Sling TV is the top one in the list.

Sling TV

Sling TV is the most popular American streaming producer of generating television services through the internet by the OTT concept. There is a bulk of online streaming providers came into the track for which everyone predicted that it is going to be a big challenge for the Sling TV.

It’s wrong no one can hit the Sling TV, and it has settled in its place without a single jerk. It has the subscriber’s count of 1.3 million which is not an ordinary thing.

On multiple platforms the services of it can be accessed. We don’t need to bother with the setup box or some devices to stream the Sling TV.

The users can access the streaming services of Sling TV without considering the location or time. Moreover, it is customer friendly as it doesn’t require any lifetime or short time contract.

Sling TV Packages

As being the top most sources for streaming services, it is offering the package of charging $20 per month to use their services.

Through this less pay, the customers can browse more than 30 channels.

Awe! It’s really fascinating deal through which the Sling TV will be at each individual by wiping the financial problem.

Including this, the one more bonanza from Sling TV is a base package containing orange and blue.

When the customer makes subscription they should go either with the orange at $15+ or blue sling at $25+ package.

The customers can get the package of both orange and blue at only $40 per month. These two packages will contain more than 40 channels.

Sling TV App

The unexpected demand for Sling TV has taken a step ahead to launch the Sling TV App.

With the arrival of this app, the users can enjoy the Sling TV services even through mobiles or computers.

Though, the mobiles in the category of Android or iOS and the computers having the Windows or Mac operating system are eligible to access the Sling TV.

The other devices of digital streaming players like Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Xbox one, Channel Master DVR+, LG Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV are partnered with Sling TV to generate the Sling services. The users of these entire players can browse the Sling TV.

Sling TV Cloud DVR

At the initial stage of Sling TV has no DVR feature. But now it has buried that small problem with the introduction of Cloud DVR which is used to record the episodes, shows, all series and movies without being watching the ads along.

  • This Cloud DVR will be beneficial to save the time and patience of audience while watching their favorite entertainment themes.
  • The ‘first look’ of Cloud DVR can be used to record up to 50 hours of content just at $5 for one month.
  • 100 hours of video content will be captured by the customers of Cloud DVR Beta.
  • The recorded program in Cloud DVR can be paused, playback or forwarded but it is not equipped with all channels of Sling TV.
  • The recorded program can’t be downloaded for the offline visit.
  • Amazon Fire TV and Roku users can get this facility of using Cloud DVR.

Sling TV Local Channels

It has stated that all the local channels can’t be streamed in all the markets that are being specified in a particular location. These can be accessed depending on the location of the area the user being.

The options of local feed or national feed have existed from which area the user is accessing.

When the user wants to know the offered local or regional channels they can visit the Sling TV web page by entering the zip code of their area.

Some of the local channels of Sling TV are ABC, Univision, FOX, NBC, Unimas, A&E, Disney Channel, ESPN, MTV, National Geographic, TBS and AMC etc.

Live Streaming TV in Sling TV

With the subscription of Sling TV, we can watch the live streaming TV channels that were available in the through card- cables. It can provide the uncountable channels that not being offered by the local cord cable operators.

The service of VOD can be activated which directs the user to get the required channels from the Sling TV. This offers to watch the live streaming programs at any time from any location on multiple devices of different platforms.

Sling TV Competitors

At present we can find too many online television streaming platforms as Sling TV and those are PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, DIRECTV NOW and fubo TV.

These are producing channels from 40 to 60 by charging the subscription cost in between $30 to $35 per month.

From Sling TV we can get 30 to 100+ channels at $20. The commitment of providing quantity with more ‘quality at very low price’ has made no fluctuations in the performance of Sling TV. Though there may be the arrival of some more platforms it never bounces back.

Streaming Statistic of Sling TV

The number of subscribers for this Sling TV is 1.3 million.

We can find 30,000 users demanded labels on this Sling TV.

More than 100 channels can be found in the Sling TV which is not a small thing.

In the category of country wise ranking, it has 802 from the US and If consider the category of entertainment the Sling TV has 25. This is only from the stats of Play-store.

From Google play rank it has gained the rank of 514 from all categories of US and 37 as entertainment category.


This completely describes how the Sling TV is rocking in providing the TV streaming services over the internet. This is going to drain the cord cable completely in the future.

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