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What is Skinny Bundles?

Skinny Bundles

What are Skinny Bundles?

There were not many options if a person wants to pay for TV. The local markets had only limited options between the cable and satellite TV providers. There was not much competition between the cable TV and Satellite TV providers, and so they could bundle the channels of their choice.

There used to be hundreds of channels for which the subscribers had to pay even when he did not watch most of them.

Then people decided to cut the cords and the satellite televisions saw the decrease in subscriber numbers as more and more people are now opting for lighter cable packages.

Today the companies are offering over the top cable channels which are also known as ‘Skinny bundles.’ With skinny bundles, the consumers pick the channels they want to watch and pay less for them. They watch the shows over the internet and can be watched on any device.

Skinny Bundle DirectTV

The price of DirectTV bundles start at 35 dollars per month, and the subscribers can get up to sixty channels. The price is doubled to get double the number of channels. There are different packages such as Live a Little, Just Right, Go Big, Gotta Have It and Add-on channels and others.

There are plenty of tiers, no contracts or cancellation fees, easiest channel lineup are the interesting features.

Skinny Bundles Comcast

Comcast offers ‘Limited basic cable’ and ‘Expanded basic cable’ packages. The limited basic cable consists of local broadcast channels, local government channels, and also education channels. The second package offers channels between thirty and fifty numbers. The number of channels is based on the market of the consumer.

Skinny Bundle TV

There are many of the top television services that can view on internet connections with sufficient speed. However skinny bundles are only those that cost less than forty dollars. Cable operators are offering mainstream television packages which allow accessing nearly hundred channels for a price of $40 – $50.

Skinny Bundles Comparison

The market for skinny bundles is overcrowded with many companies offering their services at different price packages. Hulu offers nearly 54 channels for a cost of 39.95 dollars per month. The subscribers can also access the on-demand library of Hulu.Featured channels of this package are ABC, CBC, FOX, ESPN, Lifetime and Vineland.

Google’s YouTube TV is available in limited major cities. Its basic package costs $35 per month and subscribers can access around thirty-five channels. Some of the featured channels in this package are ABC, Fox, YouTube Red, Syfy, Sprout, ESPN, and CBS.

Another popular service Sling Television is offering Sling Orange and Sling Blue skinny bundles and both of this cost less than $40 per month. Sling Orange costs $20 per month, and thirty channels can be accessed.

Featured channels are ESPN, Comedy Central, TBS, Vineland, Travel Channel and Cheddar. With Sling Blue, the subscriber has to pay $25 and access forty-five channels. the featured channels include Food Network, Maker, NBC, Bravo, FXX, and NatGeo.

PlayStation Vue is another popular player and offers ‘Access’ and ‘Core’ skinny bundles. Access costs $39.99 per month, and more than forty-five channels can be accessed. The ‘Core’ package costs $44.99 per month, and more than sixty channels can be accessed.

The featured channels include CBS, Fox, ABC, MLB Network, NFL Network, Sundance TV and Turner Classic Movies. Studies proved that skinny bundles are the future of television.

The cable companies are now being impacted due to the reduction in prices. But it is expected that there are going to be many opportunities that will be beneficial for both the advertisers and cable companies.

Facts and Figures of Skinny Bundles

  1. Less than 5% is over the age of 55 Cord-cutting audiences.
  2. The majority of the cord-cutters range of 25-44 accounts for over 74% of the audience.
  3. OTT video users by programmatic platform analytics, 52% of cord-cutters said they don’t miss anything about satellite TV.
  4. The number of cord-cutter households will reach by 17.8%, which is 18.4 million users.
  5. Pay-TV households are expected to reduce by 3.0% in 2019, which is equivalent to 87.9 million.
  6. Philo TV was launched on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, with the rise of funding secured $40 million.
  7. Skinny bundles are the services that offer a lower number of channels than a traditional pay-TV platform.
  8. Skinny Bundles announced a $10-a-month price hike on a basic monthly rate to $54.99.
  9. Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV are three top picks to cut the cord in 2020.
  10. As per the recent report, the global OTT market grows by $77.73 billion between 2019 and 2023, with a 13% increase at a CAGR.
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