Sennheiser’s New Ambisonic VR Microphone [Review]

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Currently, VR video is trending in the 360 Degree world. Now the Brand new Sennheiser Ambisonic VR microphone enters the market for VR audio. This Ambisonic VR Microphone allows you to seamlessly record the 3D audio which leads the users to immerse with high-quality audio and leads to emotional experience.

AMbisonic was supporting all post-production and playback VR tools in the market. This Mic fitted with four matched KE 14 capsules in a tetrahedral arrangement. It allows you to capture sound from a single point to match the VR video.

Key Features of Sennheiser Ambisonic VR Microphone:

The Specially designed AMBEO A-B converter convert raw 4-channel output audio that is A-format audio to another 4-channel format that it B-Format.

The AMBEO VR mic is created to fulfill the needs of VR content creators to capture audio from any side, any location it enables the listeners to create an immersive visual experience that synchronizes the VR video content or spherical 360-degree video.

It is a single point microphone for virtual reality content. These Ambisonic tools are appropriate for VR and another 3D sound interactively controls the audio system.

AMBEO VR Mic was fitted and matched with four KE 14 capsules surrounded in a mount which can allow capture sounds from all directions or a spherical, a high-quality audio in a spatial ambisonic format.

KE14 capsule

This VR mic is rugged and suitable for on demand recording conditions. Best suitable for capturing audio for spherical 360-degree content, to synchronize with VR /spherical 360-degree video clips.

It includes with Format converter software which is available in VST, AAX Mac/PC plug-in can easily integrate with existing VR workflows. This plugin helps to correct the physical position and rotate its directions.

AAX plugin can help to choose different output standards including YouTube 360 degree video.
A-B format converters VST, AU, AAX are suitable for iOS Mac and Windows users also.

Specification of Ambisonic VR Microphone:

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Output Impedance: Approximately 200 ohms

Maximum sound pressure levels: 130(dB)A for 1kHz

Transducer Principle: Pre-polarized condenser microphone

Minimum terminating impedance: 1000 ohms

Polar Pattern: 4 X Cardioid , Ambisonic

Power source: Photon powering P48

Connector: 4 X XLR balanced splitter cable, multi pin output jack

VR mic

Sennheiser Ambisonic VR Microphone Includes:

It Include AMBEO VR Mic

Foam Windowshild

Rycote Suspension Mount

Balanced split cable of 4X XLRds 3-pins

AMBEO A-B format Encoder or converter software available in VST, AAX Mac/PC plug-in, AU.



Ambisonic VR Microphone is best suited for capturing spherical audio from all directions to synchronize with VR video clips or 360-degree videos. This is an ultimate guide for AMBEO VR microphone make use this information before buying.

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