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Samsung’s 4K Gear 360 Camera Facebook Live Streaming

Samsung's 4K Gear 360 Camera

Samsung has launched a new Gear 360 camera with new upgraded features. As we all know Facebook Live streaming is popular in the market. Samsung’s 4K Gear 360 Camera specially designed for Facebook Live video streaming.

Samsung Gear bumps for high resolution 4K video camera, it works for iPhones like iPhone 6S,7, Mac and Windows. As it looks perfect with the previous one, but plenty of new improvements inside.

The main improvement in Gear 360-degree camera is now compatible with all smartphones like iPhones, S8 and S8 plus, whereas previous Gear 360 degree Camera works only with Samsung phones.Samsung Gear 360 cameras as trending now for Live streaming with 360-degree view of the world as like regular 360-degree cameras do.

Best Features Of Samsung’s 4K Gear 360 Camera

The second Gen Samsung 360 degree camera can take high resolution 4K video when it pluged to Samsung Phones, it works like professional Cameras to live streaming on Facebook and YouTube.

The New Gear 4K camera is shaped as Golf ball trapezoidal neck with existing of dual cameras.

The video resolution of new Gear 360 degree Camera is 4,096 x 2,048 with a true 4K video.

It is capable of shooting 60 fps with full HD resolution 1,920 x 1,080 .

The Gear 4K 360 camera can now live stream on YouTube, Facebook platforms and with limited HD live streaming.

New Samsung Gear VR camera is now synchronized to all Samsung devices that works for Bluetooth, WiFi and WiFi direct onboard.

It is beginner friendly, easy to handle with ease to see small display of shooting options for filming.

New Gear 360 can adjust with single lens or dual lens system with 8.4MP COMS sensor.

It gives varies shooting modes including photo, video, Live Streaming, timelapse video, Landscape HRD and looping video.

It was solidly built and fit easily, dust and water resistance. But it was not built with a waterproof design.

The old version needs a tripod to attach for free handling, now it’s designed with Form factor easy to handle.

On handle we can see the record button , memory card tray and USB port to access easily.

The framerate was dropped to 30 Frames per second to 24 frames per second, as we know that low frame rate can improve quality of the picture, especially when we use VR headsets.


The New Samsung Gear 360 degree camera highly portable and adaptable to all Samsung phones , VR headset, iPhones and Mac. This article will guide you to choose best 360 Degree camera for Live streaming on social media networks live Facebook and YouTube.

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