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What is Rewarded Video ?

Rewarded video

Reward video is a way used by the developers to integrate ads into the apps. The users are offered in-app coins or currency for watching these ads. Users do not mind watching these videos as they are offered immediate gratification and are integrated into an app.

Not all the apps are same, and so the possibility of placing these rewarded video ads are endless. We must consider the discoverability, opportunity and frequency areas to decide the placement.

Rewarded Video

A Rewarded video must ensure that the ad is interesting to the user and the user stays engaged with the parent app. When done perfectly, this can be rewarding ad format for capturing user attention and for monetization.

Rewarded videos also generate direct revenue. Advertisers show the video ads in the apps on cost per install or cost per mille basis. The publisher can earn money every time the user watches the in-app video. The developer can earn good revenue as the number of their app users increase. Some may fear that the rewarded video ads in the app may disrupt the user experience. But in reality these increase engagement. It is also likely that in-app purchases will increase.

Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded video ads are unskippable videos of around 30 seconds. Users watch them get something valuable like an extra life etc. These are meant to extend the time the user spends with the app.

To maximize the rewarded video ad success, the publishers need to find the right time and place to put the video. Do not give away too large of a reward. To have a winning strategy always presents the video ad perfectly. Ensure that the reward, as well as the placement, is perfect. Place the rewarded as in a place where there can be optimum engagement and monetization. After the placement, the reward is also important. Popular rewards include virtual currency, gameplay elements or additional lives. The ad must not interrupt the user.

The best practices to follow for rewarded video ads success is to let users sample premium experience and showing the rewarded video ads at the right time. Timing is crucial when it comes to placing the rewarded video ads. Let the users access to reward video ads is good to increase engagement with the app but at the same time setting appropriate daily view limit is also important.

Rewarded Video Mediation

Different platforms are used for rewarded video mediation. Some of these are Upright Ad Mediation, AdTapsy Mediation, Inside AdMob, Firebase and so on. These mediation platforms take the hassle out of mediating rewarded video ad networks and ensure maximum revenue for the publishers. There is some reason why mediation platforms are used for rewarded video. The major ones include showing rewarded videos from different ad providers and ad network prioritization.

Rewarded video ads if implemented thoughtfully can be a great monetization strategy for publishers. These offer a great experience for the advertisers and the user. There is no rule that only some type of apps can implement the rewarded videos. The game app performs the best with rewarded videos as well as the utility apps if they have something to reward their users with. Look at the features of the app and decided how to leverage rewarded video ads.

When implementing the rewarded videos, some metric to which attention needs to be paid. Daily active users, sessions, views or impressions, fill rate, eCPM are some of them.

Rewarded videos differ in iOS and Android devices. Android devices are easily available and popular as well in lower income countries. iOS, however, is favored by ad networks for the quality of traffic.

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