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How to Promote Your Video on Social Media

How To Promote Your Video On Social Media

Everyone wants to make promotions with a limited budget and wants to get more profits. The promotion of video costs much more than we expect.

How it is possible to dive into that financial issue to bring up our video either as a vlogger or video marketer?

We can overcome this flood by using social media to promote the video. This is the simple and better way which is the huge community to rise up your skills through video.

Optimize Your Video for High Traffic Keywords:

Always use effective keywords that are mostly required and trending ones in the social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Hence, the circle of your friends on those sites will participate in sharing that video if it is amazing than others.

Pitch your Video to Leading Industry Influencers:

Gather information about the influencers who are leading at the present and make conversation with them to introduce your video by offering some payoffs.

Upload Your Video On multiple Social Media Platforms:

The initial step in the promotion of the video is uploading that video on multiple social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

For this, you need not invest anything and you might get a positive announcement of going your video to a new audience than before as these platforms have millions of users on an everyday basis.

Cross-promote Your Video:

Consult other trending vloggers or video marketers to merge your videos at their stuff. Then you might get the huge traffic from their audience as well.

Before that, you should link-up their video at yours. Then they show interest in vice versa.

Create Custom Thumbnails for different Social Media Platforms:

The thumbnails are the brand ambassadors to make any video to go viral or to dip in the underground.

So we need to concentrate on creating the efficient thumbnails with ultimate visual effects that sparkle at the eye of the visitor at the single visit of different social media sites.

Pitch Bloggers and ask them to embed your Video:

Make strong relations with the bloggers as well to embed your video in their own blogs and social media profiles like Tumbler, Stumble upon and Google+ etc.
It could be the best strategy to clutch their audience at a pitch of your video.

Measure ROI, Views and Learn from Analytics:

Always estimate the ROI which specifies the economic status of yours on how much you invest to a particular video and how much you earned in return.

Then you can make amendments to speed up the ROI. Consider views for a particular video you upload by analysing the analytics this can notify you that in which category you need to concentrate more.

Promote your Video on Pinterest:

Pinterest is the primary source where you can expect much demand for your video where can promote in a specific category of boards for each video you upload.

Most of the users prefer this site as it shows the needed video content in single search without consuming bulk time for searching everything to pick the need one.

Translate your Video to Multiple Languages:

The video must be in a multi-lingual form so that different users from varied locations can easily understand the content of the video you mentioned.

This can clutch most of the audience from all directions.


These are most effective ways to promote a video on social media as it is the trending platform to make communication with no boundaries. If you not yet started to implement these ideas then there might be a chance to the competitor.

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