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20 Facts about Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic Video Advertising

Programmatic video ads place in front of the right customers at right time. There is a lot of different variations from traditional video ads and programmatic video ads.This programmatic video mainly hypes the display and historically advertises. You can find everything about Programmatic Video Advertising.

As per the e-Marketers view the consumption of videos through TV and digital consumption of videos has raised.The e-Marketers declare that programmatic videos are going faster around the worldwide.

  1. Programmatic platforms plays an important role in reshaping the digital advertsing ecosystem
  2. The programmatic platform also automates the selling and buying process of the advertisements which increases the rate of execution.
  3. It helps the buyers to reach the ideal audience online
  4. It also helps in automation of business of mobile ads and desktop and many other ads.
  5. It was turned as a new inventory during 2014 through the programmatic platforms to ensure the branded bids
  6. Its advanced measurement and the data inreal time had closed the gap between the digital video and the television
  7. It is the new innovation in the Programmatic trading industry
  8. Publishers can be benefitted from the programmatic trading in online video market
  9. Acceptance of deal ID is raising and the online video is the technological aspect behind the programmatic advertising
  10. The prices and impressions are included under the Deal ID and was a part of bidding process
  11. The programmatic video advertising revealed the booking of online campaigns and analysis as well as about the optimization too
  12. RTB is the key in Programmatic advertising
  13. The RTB accounts for a 4 billion ad revenues in 2013
  14. It was estimated to be above 20 billion in ad revenue in US by 2018
  15. The adoption of the programmatic driver in the markets has outlined the barriers to size up its market efficiently.
  16. The Mobile video and other video ads plays as a major role for its growth
  17. It was estimated that the RTB format of sales may top to 7 billion in 2018
  18. Many companies are raising their budgets for the programmatic advertising
  19. As demand was out placing the supply, the prices have raised for the programmatic ads
  20. There are still many barriers to overcome and adoption.


The publishers and advertisers spent million on programmatic video ads, as the same way result was tripled through programmatic videos compared to traditional video ads. We have described the facts about programmatic video ads useful to the advertisers.

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