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Power of Native Video on Facebook


Facebook is the only stream where we can find the flood of audience that makes them keep busy by watching trendy concepts on it. This gave an ultimate idea of launching the concept of native video ads on Facebook. These native video ads will fetch huge demand which leads to generating better branding for the ads we publish.

What is a Native Video?

The native video is nothing but the creation and upload of videos especially on the social media sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. These ads are displayed on the in-feed which blocks the links to other sites videos. Every social media site has particular native video layout of their own style which can drag the vast number of audience who are related to that video.

Native Video on Facebook

The native video is best suits for the Facebook as it has come up with too many amendments which contain the advancement of a Facebook algorithm. This can filter the videos that are created by the owner and pick the video content which should be offered in the news feed of the Facebook user’s account.

The native video on Facebook has the capability of getting a huge number of views only through a mobile app of Facebook.

Videos on Facebook have the facility of embedding which can be further used to place in the own blogs and pages of the Facebook.

The native video content plays a vital role to get the continuous engagement of audience on that particular video which can boost up your brand.

Facebook Video Player

This is the feature of Facebook which is the embed format of the Facebook to place videos on the websites in a simple and fast way. This allocates the facility of watching videos online as well as offline when there is no internet source. We can find too many Facebook video players.

Facebook Native Video vs YouTube

When we take views of the particular video then the YouTube will consider the views when it has been played by the audience.

Whereas, the Facebook autoplay will generate the video count when the video is being played for three seconds and this could be beneficial to the advertisers.

The storytelling of the video in YouTube and Facebook is completely different i.e. in YouTube the deep explanation will be displayed and in Facebook brief outlines are produced.

There is one specific category that completely different from Facebook and YouTube. In YouTube when we provide call-to-action then we can urge the audience to subscribe or watch featured video. But Facebook will be generated with likes, comments and shares.

There is no analytical comparison between the videos of Facebook and YouTube.

The YouTube produces the good ROI results than Facebook as the videos are being revised by the users on YouTube.

Native Video Ads on Facebook

The native videos on Facebook will be filled with video gallery which has been placed on the Facebook page. This might use for the users to go through all your stuff at any second which are playing a role as featured ones as it impacts your brand building.

The shared native video links on Facebook will drain more traffic while comparing with the links shared on other social media sites which imply healthier organic result.

The extraordinary features of Facebook video will guide you to place more efficient thumbnails, subtitles and call-to-action which are the major sources in attracting the audience.

The page insights will let you find the statistics of a particular video performance when native Facebook videos are inserted.

Facebook Native Video Specs

There should be a 1080p resolution.

The size of the native video file should be below 750MB to display the fine play of videos.

The Facebook native video will be compact with all file formats but mp4 is essential.

The play length of the video should be maximum of 20 minutes and not more than that.

Facebook Native Video Best Practices

  • The most significant thing while placing the Facebook native video is having the auto play features which helps to obtain the more engagement.
  • Wrapping the native video with or without sound and it has sound should not annoy the audience.
  • Use short and simple native videos which are being effective.
  • Fire the bullet of the key concept of your video content that directly hits the audience.
  • Always keep an eye on the insights of your Facebook native video to make armaments.
  • Share the links to Facebook native videos on other social media sites.
  • Use the most efficient thumbnail which sparkles at the eye of the audience.
  • Create featured videos on the Facebook page which direct audience to watch further.

Facebook Native Video Examples

There are too many big brands that are using the concept of Facebook native video which is being as a medium for them to explore their brand experience in all directions.


This is a symbol of producing varied video cameras with high quality containing ultimate features. They had generated the native video like ‘video of the day!’ and it has 308k views and 7.7k likes only on Facebook. This shows the demand of native video on Facebook.

Red Bull:

Everyone knew that Red Bull has its own image on producing energy drinks. Though it has that much of popularity it started using Facebook native video ad like ‘wings for life world run’ which interconnects with a brand name of the company.


It has come up with a Facebook native video ad that reminding the elementary school memories.


After reading this article you might get an idea of how Facebook native video is being the part of acquiring the huge demand in the branded companies yet to get in the minds of the audience forever.

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