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Ultimate Guide to Create Pinterest Promoted Video

Pinterest Promoted Video

Pinterest is the latest addition to the band of platforms offering video-based promotional opportunities for the marketers.

Some facts and figures about Pinterest include:

• With headquarters in the US, Pinterest started its journey way back in 2010.

• It offers membership only to those who register with Pinterest.

• Operating worldwide, this platform is able to offer services in multiple languages.

• Pinterest observed 60% increases in videos during the last year.

• 55% of users on Pinterest want to search for products on this platform.

• 67% of people say that Pinterest video inspires them.

The above amply describe the necessity as to why the marketer has to promote videos on this wonderful channel.

Now let’s try to understand how to go about the promotion of video on Pinterest.

• Account with Pinterest is the first pre-requisite to run an ad campaign.

• Confirm your website on Pinterest.

• There are two types of promoted Pins: 1) Engagement campaign (Pay when people engage with your promoted Pin and 2) Traffic campaign is the second type. The former is useful if the primary goal is to reach a wider audience on Pinterest and later is applied if the primary goal is to drive sales on your website.

• Define specific and measurable goals for your ad campaign.

• Choose content – what & when. There are certain guidelines imposed by Pinterest and as such your ads need to comply with the same.

• Create a campaign by selecting the campaign type and enter the campaign details. Brief details about the date range and lifetime budget/daily budget.

• Build in your targeting options – who the expected viewers are

• The final section deals with the pricing. “Maximum Bid,” tells Pinterest the most you want to pay for a click or engagement.

• Monitoring the promotion is the final step in promoting videos on Pinterest. There are lot more tools available on Pinterest to measure the results of the ad campaign.

To run an effective ad campaign on paid platforms like Pinterest, the marketer needs to be more attentive and ensure that he is able to promote his content within his budget.

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