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Multi-Screen Digital Video Advertising Best Practices & Strategies

Multi-Screen Digital Video Advertising

We are currently living in a world of connectivity. Today people are connected to the smart devices than to their fellow people. Technology had shot as a wave and still continuous the journey with new developments and innovative ideas.

Today people were changed their way of using the technology, and when rates come to the video consumption, the things are very striking as we are habituated to watch the video content on multiple device screens. There comes the multiscreen video viewing which leads to multiscreen video marketing.

Yes, this multi-screen viewing behavior also brings several challenges to the marketers in different ways and there is a need for the best multi-screen video advertising strategy to reach the people with video content that is supported by the multiple devices.

In multiscreen targeting, the marketers need to understand the existing ecosystem about how the consumers are watching the multi-screen and what the multiscreen ecosystem is and how to leverage the strategy if you are going to target the multiscreen to maximize the ROI with your advertising efforts.

The Multi-screen world

Basing on existing research reports, it was revealed that people are using the multiple smart devices while watching the video content on TV. The main screens that are emerging across the web are PC, Laptops, TVs, and Mobiles, Tablets, and Gaming Consoles and many other smart devices available in the market.

Mainly two types of video lengths are playing a significant role in advertising such as thirty seconds and ten-second video ads. These video lengths had tested in various research findings. The multiscreen videos must be targeted when comes to branding the things because every screen is different and your content must be optimized for the particular screen to deliver the best viewing experience to the audience.

Today consumers are more particular about the ad cluttering. The new technology has faded the line between the content and the commercialization which leads to the advertising and programs on different marketing.

What are the major obstacles in multi-screen video advertising and what advertisers must know?

By including the multiscreen strategy in your marketing plan can reap significant benefits like brand awareness, influences the buying behavior of the consumers as well as helps in attracting the customers towards your product or service buying pages.

Marketers must understand the customer choices and today consumers have good control over the brands. The advertisers with multiscreen strategy can drive better conversations and conversions from the consumers.

However, it is not that much easy to target your video content across the web by optimizing them to the majority of the screen that is available on the internet. If any of such screens are not sell fitted with the content, then it may entirely fail to reach the particular consumer using the certain device, that results in a particular impact on your brand or services you are advertising.

How to leverage the multiscreen ad strategy

The planning of the ad campaign and managing the things are very novel and complicated ecosystem. There are many difficult challenges for the marketers as well as the agencies which are dealing with the multiscreen ad strategies.

Understanding the multiscreen

Marketers must go with honest efforts to focus on investment medium and must need a massive reach. Multi screens are gaining tremendous popularity and marketers need to work on it to bring unified experience. With data-drove insights, usage, deliverability etc. plays a vital role in building strong multi-screen and cross-screen strategies for advertising.

Targeting the ads

In order make a huge impact with your multiscreen campaigns, the marketers need to combine the ads with the targeted market and personalize the messages and ads to the consumers. So that, the customer experience sill gets leveled up. There is a need to expand the capabilities of the marketers to address in this new medium.

The ads must be targeted basing on the user specific interests and social point of view by basing on the keywords, content, tags and social media platforms. The content consumption through mobile devices is already developed well and new companies are targeting the social networking services.

Ad delivery and developments

Another key challenge for the multi-screen marketers and advertisers is with the ad blocking software’s that are blocking the essential ads. So, to break that problem, the advertisers are marketing ad content by creating it more compelling and relevant way. The overlays, in-app ads, and campaigns are now personalizing to bring better ad experience and going beyond the ad blockers and generating high click-through rates across the web.

Best framework for multiscreen advertising platform

The best multiscreen advertising platform must have an integrated management and analytics along with inventory management. The management of Ads and analytics go hand in hand. Before these things, the ad must be managed with the profiling of the concerned user ad then to the ad engine and next to ad delivery and finally your ad must fulfill all requirements to go for multiscreen targeting.

Tips for better multi-screening strategy

Multiscreen advertising strategy must possess good storytelling which keeps the audience get connected across multiple platforms. According to the research reports, it was concluded that multiscreen users are getting more interactive with the micro video TV ads and TV ads promoting apps.Follow these tips to achieve the things in a better way.

• Know your audience and there most favorite places across the web.

• Go with cross screen analytics to track your audience interest.

• Try mix web banners, rich-media ads to deliver the content in a compelling way to provide best user experience.

• Generate real buzz across the multi screens.

• Establish right objectives and analyze the metrics after campaigning.

• Be responsive to the audience across the screens

• Remember that you must reach and provide the audience with the same type of experience which must not vary from screen to screen.

Finally, multiscreen video advertising is the future and emerging way of reaching the audience through targeted ads.

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