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Mobile Video Monetization

by Jag

Monetization helps the marketers to achieve good revenue from the YouTube videos. The mobile video made the receipt of the marketers to the change and raised the level of marketing. The mobile devices enhanced the better growth and exposure towards the brand and improved the identity and reach of the ads to the ideal customers online. From various reports by the top companies, mobile videos enhance the greater success and customer reach competing with the other devices. Nearly 6 billion hours of video watched from the mobile and tablet devices on YouTube. Many companies have reported that the mobile video advertising and monetisation helps to have a better customer reach.

Better User Experience

Nearly 376 million among the three billion dollars revenue accounted for the advertising and helps in achieving the better revenue from the mobile devices. It predicted that nearly 900 million downloads noted in 2014 through mobile. The app advertising and other campaigns are having the high reach through mobile devices. People are using the mobile devices to watch the videos and surfing the net and majority people love to view and download the apps. With these tremendous changes in the marketing era and the consumer behaviour leads to mobile monetisation.

The CPM and CPV rates have raised as the mobile users have increased greatly, and due to the new features by the various leading social media platforms like Facebook which have started the autoplay video ads were also become optimized to mobile viewing and generating good revenues from the monetization of mobile videos