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50 Insanely Simple Ways to Use Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile video advertising is growing and the prediction is that more and more people will consume video on mobile phones than on desktop computers in the coming days. Mobile video advertising is going to be the smartest way to earn money from mobile advertising. Here are few ways to use mobile video advertising.

1. With video advertising app marketers can show what their apps are capable of.

2. Mobile video ads can be used to inform the customers about the in-app updates.

3. App developers who own several apps can use mobile video apps to stay connected with existing customers.

4. Facebook mobile video ads can help reach more users.

5. Instagram can be used as the platform for mobile video ads to promote their app.

6. Keep the Instagram concentrated in one minute length.

7. Instagram video ads play in Instagram feed and attract the attention of consumers.

8. Marketers should include motion in the first few seconds of the video which increases user attention.

9. Create a video ad with a short story to increase customer engagement.

10. Remember that videos on Instagram ply without any food and so don’t forget to use intriguing thumbnails.

11. Twitter is another platform which the marketers can use for their mobile video ads.

12. Describe the video with carefully chosen words.

13. To offer best experiences, optimize the video for mobile device.

14. Mobile video ads on Twitter help target more and more people.

15. The video length and targeting options can be tested to create best video ad.

16. Snapchat is another platform using which the brands can make their mobile marketing a great success.

17. Offer special discounts to motivate users to take action regarding the product.

18. Private snaps can be used on Snapchats by the marketers to measure engagement.

19. Snapchat mobile video ads must be funny.

20. Personalized mobile video ads also offer many advantages for the marketers.

21. To make the videos more interesting add images to videos.

22. Do not forget to stay connected with your audience.

23. YouTube is one of the important choice for app owners for app promotion.

24. Marketers should not neglect to add call to action in the ad.

25. Color and font selection for the videos should depend on the type of brand.

26. Marketers should writer interesting description for the YouTube videos to get attention.

27. Use the first five seconds to keep the customers engaged.

28. Keep the video ads contextually relevant.

29. Always target specific users with the video marketing campaign.

30. Gather demographic and other data.

31. Mobile video ads must be short and do not focus just on increasing sales but concentrate to promote business.

32. Ensure high quality of the video.

33. Include clear call to action at the end or in the video description

34. Native video ads are the ads that are most popular mobile ads among the marketers.

35. Run the video ads in banner ad space to avoid annoying people with interruptive models.

36. Mobile video advertising is a type of personal interaction and so markets must create highly focused videos.

37. Different types of video advertisement are required to be run by the advertisers on mobiles to reach different type of customers.

38. Use in-stream videos to reach wider audience.

39. To build brand, marketers must use the pre-roll ads.

40. Make sure the mobile video ad conveys the brand and message to the viewer.

41. Marketers should mix the video with graphics and compelling text for rich consumer experience.

42. Marketers can reach potential customers in big number through the mobile ads.

43. Higher engagement is possible with mobile video ads.

44. Marketers can incorporate the virtual reality technology in their mobile video ad to make them more engaging.

45. Include compelling call to action which is powerful to reach the goal of the ad.

46. Different devices can be targeted if mobile ad networks such as AirPush or InMobi are used.

47. Targeting is the key to success for mobile video advertising.

48. Making the ads location aware will help drive purchases.

49. Be there where there are audience.

50. Track metrics and make necessary changes to the mobile video ads.

Video consumption is switching to mobile devices with the easy availability of smartphones, tables and other devices. Mobile video is a weapon for the advertisers and it should be used to the maximum to get benefits for the businesses.

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