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10 KPI’s to Measure in Programmatic Video Ads

Programmatic Video Ads

Programmatic Video Ads was growing faster, and the companies related to the ad exchanges and many others like to work in the RTB, and the programmatic system diversified into the agencies and brands and as well as Publishers or sellers. Both this technology play a vital role in the advertising era.

Key performance indicator is one of the critical metrics that used in the evaluation of the organisation’s success. The KPI’s differentiate from profession or business, and it depends on how well a company/ business is going against their objectives. Here are some 10 KPI’s to Measure in Programmatic Video Ads. Here we go Programmatic Video Advertising.

It is beyond the Display advertising
The programmatic technique of marketing is not associating with the traditional display marketing. It helps you to target the social media platforms like Facebook and many others. The programmatic form of advertising goes through the emails and landing pages of websites to reach the audience in a right place and time.

Rise of self marketing decisions
As programmatic advertising has risen in its pace, The media buyers are targeting the social media to carry a native campaign for their advertising in their ideas. The display form of adverting reaching similar to the search marketing so, majority marketers have switched to programmatic advertising.

Diversified audience
Audience may go with Tablets or they may also go with smart phones or still on PC’s. it may vary, the audience may consume the data on diversifiable devices. Even while watching the television also, audience are operating and surfing through tablet devices.
Different ways to target the audience with this mode of advertising.

Buying the ads on sites
Though it is the old form of advertising, still the display campaigns are working to choose the publisher to diplay your ads on their sites. It is best to have a traditional buying on inventories with the programmatic platforms.

Retargeting with the programmatic approach

According to the audience engagement with the sites, the programmatic retargeting helps you to reach the person who ideal towards your requirements and the coding of first data lets you to retarget the people with advertising tactics efficiently.

10 KPI’s to Measure in Programmatic Video Ads

1. Ad impression

Ad impression reveals the ads that targets the users in programmatic advertising. Ad impressions reveal the audience engagement towards your ads.

2. Branding campaigns transformations

Programmatic video can’t be included in the direct responsive campaigns and it is one of the key performance indicators in programmatic video advertising.

3. Mobile video targeting

It can be considered as another KPI for programmatic video advertising as the mobile targeting has greatly increased with the usage of mobile devices and technology.

4. Data driving

Measurement is always important for the marketers s well as the programmatic video ads.

5. Big Data

It plays a new role in measuring the programmatic video advertising. It helps in measuring the things in sales attribution which can drive the right outcomes.

6. Real-time Ads

The Real time ads also plays a key role in measuring the programmatic video advertising online.

7. Inventory

Audience buying and the inventory related to the real time engagement drives a lot towards the programmatic ad buying today which can be the right KPI for measuring the programmatic video advertising online.

8. Viewability

The vide view ability is also considered as the biggest KPI for the programmatic video advertising today.

9. Audience connectivity

Ask the professionals and people in your organization who can predict the value and analyze the information across different types of media. Try to make the better team work to obtain the best out of it.

10. Incremental revenue

It is one of the metric that is helpful in estimating the programmatic video advertising. Reaching the people who will definitely add income to your business is of no use.

All these above play an important role know about the performance of the programmatic video advertising.


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