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Science behind Long-form Video and Short-form Video

Long-form Video and Short-form Video

Long-form Video

Long-form video content has reached an important segment of the online video marketplace, as online accessibility of professionally created long-form video content increments. Online video advertising has been around for right around a decade, and long-form video content characterized by the IAB Digital Video Committee as videos that have a linear content curve with a starting, middle and end. Commonly a long-form video is over 10 minutes long. everything about Long-form Video and Short-form Video has been explained here.

Short-form Video

A short-form video is a content which created the sole reason to pull in and engage, not to sell. They recount a story and make a brand commitment. Real brands, for example, Dunking Donuts, Trident gum, Sonos, Mountain Dew, Adidas, Oreos and Lowe’s, are considering short-form video important and putting increasingly time, talent and technique into the format.

Which is best Long-form Video or Short-form Video?

Videos are popular, fun and shareable – yet not at all like banners, content ads, and photographs, as a rule, it’s our audience decide whether to watch it or not. Doesn’t make a difference how amazing your product is, before hitting the play button, your audience will figure out if to play it or not by two things:

  1. The thumbnail
  2. The length of the video

On the off chance that you were given the decision to hit the play button of two videos, which one would you prefer? With diminished attention spans of human creatures, the undeniable pick would be the video which is of a shorter duration.

Long-form Video Advertising

Long Form Video ads are common types of in-stream video ads; Long-form video content has touched base as a key segment of the online video marketplace. The terms “Long Form” and “Short Form” are regularly used to classify linear video online video content, yet these terms are not consistently characterized.

Short-form Video Advertising

Short-form was best to brand campaigns; the study found that long-form video was the best for product-centered campaigns with an invitation to take action. The study found that when viewers are approached to navigate for more information, 15 to 30-second video gave a 30 for each penny higher engagement rate than shorter form content.


Deciding on contributing time and money to make the traditional long-form content or switching over additional trendy short-form content, similar to that being created through social media, truly comes down to which form will furnish the organization with the most overall advantage.

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