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Local Video Marketing For Small Businesses



Local Video Marketing

It is a known fact that a video is a potent tool for digital marketing. Videos influence the buying decisions of prospective consumers. Demo videos are found to be very helpful by the consumers. Every about Local Video Marketing is given here.

Consumers prefer watching the video about a product they are planning to buy than reading about it. There is a massive increase in internet usage and people are spending a lot of time online, and it is no wonder there is growth in demand for video.

Video marketing is especially very effective for small businesses. Digital Marketing can reach more engagement, But the focus should not be only on expansion. It should be on how effectively the businesses can reach the local audience who are not yet converted into customers but are living in the local geographic area.

Why is Video Marketing Important for Businesses?

There is a big advantage with marketing in the local community; personal relationships can develop with the consumers. Video marketing is essential to get an advantage over competitors.

Video allows getting noticed easily. The video is rising, and many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are available to marketing and promote the videos.

With a considerable re-packaging potential, videos can be used as an effective marketing campaign strategy. Video proved to increase traffic from search engine results.

The landing page click-through rate also improved with video marketing. For small businesses local video marketing helps to bring in new customers.

How to get more Customers with Local Video Marketing?

The success of local video marketing depends on how easy they are to find and how interesting they are to hold the attention of the audience. Creating the best video in the world is not enough, it is necessary that people know that it exists. For this to happen, you need to follow local SEO practices.

• Register in all the local business directories such as Google My Business or the Yellow Pages. This helps the business to get higher rank in the search page results.

• Fill and check the contact listing online and make sure that they are the same on all platforms so that the search engines do not get confused with the non-identical listing as separate businesses.

• Business contact information also must be consistent and include a local map for more effectiveness.

Tips for Local Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Small businesses must utilize the tools available on various platforms and place the local marketing videos in front of the audience.

• Facebook Ads are a great tool for small businesses for their video marketing efforts. Select the budget, choose the target audience start the marketing. It even allows tracking the results. Facebook ads must have a clear call to action to visit the landing page.

• YouTube is another great advertising platform. It is possible to target the audience geographically with YouTube also. Different options that can use for YouTube marketing that include the pre-roll videos, suggested videos and promoted search.

• Being the second largest search platform, YouTube helps the businesses to achieve their marketing goals. Create a YouTube channel and post the videos consistently. Do not ignore building relationships with the audience.

• Transcribing the videos is another great way to make them more search engine friendly. Place the transcription in YouTube ‘about section’.

• Ensure that the title of the videos is relevant and attracts the audiences to click the video. Include keywords in the title. The titles should be pleasing both to the search engines and the people. To boost local SEO, place the brand name, location and other information in the title if possible.

• The description box of the video on YouTube can be utilized to provide the local business information. Google then takes these videos as backlinks that help in the organic search. Capture fresh leads by linking the videos to the landing pages.

• Set video location in YouTube videos. Provide our local business address.

Local Video Marketing Ideas

As we know, video increases the organic search engine result traffic, and landing page click-through rates are also improved. But how to create compelling video content for local business marketing to get new customers? Here is how you can do that?

• Create videos about historical or other interesting spots in the local area. Review hotels, restaurants and accommodations present in your geographical area. Create video travel guides.

• Create a separate playlist in the YouTube channel and feature the company events. Video opportunities for these are many, and they can be the celebration of the company anniversary or a picnic of employees, etc.

• Another great way to connect with local prospective customers is to cover the local events and post them in your social media platforms. Conferences or events are a great chance for small businesses to meet with potential business contacts. Discover the market events in your area and cover them.

• Show behind the scene videos to the audience. Let them have a sneak peek into what is happening in your company, office or at the company events. This helps add a personal touch to the videos.


To make the local video marketing more effective, small businesses must optimize by video content for mobiles. Location name can be added in the video description of YouTube and can be used as hashtags in Twitters. Do the keyword search and choose the ones with which you can target the audience with video campaign.

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