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Link Building for YouTube Video : The Definitive Guide

Link Building

Link building is most responsible for getting the traffic for the YouTube video especially from the search engine. Simply a link building is a process of linking the pages on the particular page of the web.

Basics of Video Link Building


To gain the higher ranking through the huge traffic of audience for the YouTube videos the link building is very important.

Strategies to make video link building:

Generate the video content that is unique which should pull others to reference it and make them link it on their websites.

Try to approach the press and leading bloggers to disclose about your video content on YouTube channel.

Produce the guest posts on others blog and use effective anchor text.

Try to make comments on others content which in return will make identification to assign your links at their site.

Types of link building:

We can choose three types of links like inbound, outbound and internal links.

Inbound links are nothing but the links that are directed to our site from others.

Outbound links can be termed as the links navigating to others site from ours.

Internal links are the links that are assigned to our content which directs to other content of our site.

Gathering High-Quality Links from Competition Videos

You should be the shadow to get the prints of the competition videos links which are being visited by the users frequently that means these videos are being generated with the ultimate quality.

Such type of links will get most traffic wherever they are.

Be alert in getting notifications from the competitors when they release if any.

Blogger Outreach to get Links for YouTube Video

Strongly cope up with other bloggers to explore the brand of your YouTube channel.

Make inquiries on other famous and relevant bloggers and merge with them. Hence, they can give your YouTube video link to their blogs.

Always prefer to reach local bloggers that are related to yours because they are always in the theme of exceeding the boundaries of user target. So that they can easily link your video content if they are extraordinary.

Embedding on Possible Blogs and Websites within your network using Email Outreach

Embed the video on other blogs and websites by contacting them through e-mail.

As a part of it just pinch the e-mail recipient with their names which makes them be active at your message.

Try to convey your text straightly that you discuss and this should be simple.

Always make polite conversation which helps to insert your video links at their blogs or websites.

Link Building YouTube Videos within YouTube

Remember to give the links of remaining YouTube videos at your channel by using YouTube annotations or cards that navigate to the landing page of YouTube channel or other videos.

This can boost up the channel by making the audience to go through all the videos you mentioned on one visit of your YouTube channel.


Here you can find how the link building will help you to fetch the greater traffic for your YouTube videos through a search engine. Just go on using this concept at your videos to suppress the opponent activity.

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