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What is Linear TV?


The Television consumption rates varies across the globe, and it is clear that linear TV is still ruling the space than the online TV today.

What exactly the Linear TV mean?

A Linear TV is a traditional television which offers the scheduled programs on television for viewers. The viewer has to watch the particular show at a particular time.

Let us go through the things deeper towards the linear TV.

Linear TV Vs On-demand TV

Linear TV is what we are already get connected from years and it stood as a pillar though we have fast internet speeds and able to access the on-demand content online.

People love to watch big events on TV

People still love to watch the more significant events like interactive shows, sports, and news on Television rather than the internet. People, love real time experience and love to watch, discuss the same that happened on the television.It is a clear indication that linear TV does not die and it is still active and alive in future too.

Older people’s choice

The majority of linear TV viewers are aged around 36 to 64. They do not know how to deal technically to watch the on-demand content online. Hence, they love to watch all shows on TV rather than online on demand content.

On demand TV

The on-demand TV is nothing but the pre-recorded and own schedule TV which you can access through some applications using the internet. This TV can be accessed based on your free time without bothering about the scheduled programs.

21st-century trend

On demand, TV is the trending one, gadgets like chrome cast, smart TVs, Augmented reality, etc are catching everyone’s eye at one shot and allows the people to personalize.

Linear TV Vs OTT

The Over the top content is used in the broadcasting and tech related reporting that refer to the media transmitted to the people via internet without multi-cable operator and satellite systems.

Low price

OTT offers low monthly pricing which starts from $5 along with the content on YouTube and Hulu. It just needs an installation on your laptop or mobile. There will be a wide choice that offers the original programming just like cable TV.

The main cons, when compared the OTT with the linear television, is the quality. The quality of services mainly depends upon on the speed of the internet connection. You need to pay for internet connection along with the OTT charges whereas; the linear TV offers the real-time high-definition programs at minimal cost.

What is Linear Video consumption?

The time spent by the viewers on linear TV programs other than IPTV, VOD and OTT services per day and the viewing behaviour calculates the total linear video consumption rates. People aged between 36 to 65 years are watching linear TV daily. They said that they love watching real-time content rather than pre-recorded content.

More than 60 percent people in the US are like to watch linear TV when it comes to four categories like sports, live shows, reality shows, and news related content.

Linear TV advertising and streaming

Linear TV advertising is targeting the people based on the location and geographical target. More precise targeting ways are already followed by the marketers to advertising and brand their product or services. The TV commercials are still ruling the advertising world and getting a considerable response in the total sales after the campaigns.

Linear TV advertising costs basing on the program, time and many other factors and the analytics is only the biggest weak point in linear TV advertising

Finally, linear TV is more competing with the other service providers irrespective of the way and type of services they are offering to the people. Linear TV does not die, and it will mean a lot to the people in future also.

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