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Top 10 HTML5 Video Players

HTML5 Video Players

The trending word in the online strategy is Video which is being the viral platform on the web that has been viewed by the web user. Such an adorable video has been shaped from the HTML5 video players. The embedded video configuration would be presented on the web page by using the aspect of HTML5. The list of top HTML5 video players are here.

This will completely define the format of video by assigning the controlling options like play, volume, and pause including all other structured attributes. The below are the top HTL5 video players that have been performing in an ultimate way.

1.JW player

This is the only player which is originated initially in the category of HTML 5 video player. It can hook up by supporting adaptive bitrate, streaming of RTMP which are required in Wowza media server and Flash media server.

It has the flexibility to maintain CDNs in Amazon CloudFront, CD Networks, Limelight and Highwinds etc. It offers the users to generate the plug-ins of our own. The WordPress, Joomla and Drupal options of CMS have been generated in this JWplayer.


Video JS is a freely available HTML 5 video player and the playback option to preload and autoplay will be assigned. It could be compactable on personal computers and smartphones. By the insertion of plug-in, it can synchronize with Vimeo and YouTube along Flash video. Around 200,000 websites have been using the VideoJS.


It requires no license to use and it compactable with HTML5, Abobe Flash and in all web browsers. By considering the most important platforms it has been coated with plug-ins that are freely available.


The embedded video of the Plyr can hold on video playbacks of YouTube and Vimeo. It also accesses the captions of VTT and has availability of providing both the formats of HTML5 video and audio. The more features like playback, volume, and pause, etc. can be operated as an API.

5.Ultimate Video Player

The name itself defines the character of this player as it secures the data if any expired browsers are being used by the web users. The videos on Ultimate video player are played on a user-friendly device like mobile and the most common device like PC by IE8.

The embed videos of ultimate video player will be shared on social media sites. It also has the unique feature to download the videos containing some more alternatives.


This is framed with Javascript which is freely available video player. It plays the video without considering the source format like HTML5, VLC or Flash media player. It can be played on devices of personal computers or mobiles and also the API can be carried to make the effective format of video.

7.Elite video player

It is a self-hosted video player which clutch with YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo and Amazon S3. The ultimate features including adjustable width-height, a format of full screen, a creation of playlist for YouTube etc. It is more beneficial to merge mid roll, post roll and pre-roll ads in the video.

8.YouTube HTML5 Video Player

YouTube has produced the best HTML5 video player as a default tool in all major browsers like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer. ‘Report playback issue’ will be provided to eliminate any problems raised in the video.

It can assist the media source extensions, H.264, MSE & WebM VP9, WebM VP8 and HTML video element.


It is a format of JavaScript that supports both the video and audio that have been accessed on any web page. It can be used by anyone who is going to deliver the ultimate video on the web.

This concept originated from the Mozilla. It is also accessible with SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. Choosing Popcorn.js is the best way to do in a simple way.


This is the best performing player in the list of HTML5 video players and it produces the fine result by using the elements of HTML5. This can hold the different formats of video files and we can observe the quick response time.


The above-listed tools are in the top most position as the best performers of the HTML5 video players. If you want to make the video in a simple and efficient way just go on using those tools.

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