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How to Scaled a New YouTube Channel from 0 Organic Traffic to 1 Million Views

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Every YouTuber will have a desire to get the millions of views before launching the New YouTube Channel. But most of the vloggers will not understand the correct assumptions to run the successful channel. To make better strategies just go through below points that will be more helpful.

Analyzing Current State of the YouTube Channel:

Every time the YouTuber should make amendments by analysing the current state of the channel with the comparison of the previous position and the competitor. So that it is easy to estimate the user required video content through which the traffic is more.

Creating Objectives:

The perfect objectives must be made by focusing on the improvement steps of the channel and have complete vision on future predictions of users. The YouTuber should have the fixed target to reach the feat.

Maintaining Video Content Consistency:

Before thinking about to defeat the competitor just go ahead on maintaining the perfect and clear content in the video which can easily grab the attention of the viewers. Go about researching the content created for videos by experts. It gives a clear idea of getting creative thoughts.

Focusing on Quality of Videos rather than Quantity:

Just keep concentration on making high-quality videos with the minimum quantity which are more efficient to attain the huge amount of traffic without affording much for automatic traffic tools. Quantity with no relevant content will consume the time to get the attention of the users.

Re-purpose Existing Best Performed Video Content:

After analysing the statistics we will get a clear picture of which video, i.e. present one or the previous one got more views with constant traffic. Then make some changes to replacing thumbnail and adding new keywords. Try to give the most searching and relevant tags.

Curate Content From Different Sources:

The YouTuber should always get the content of the video from different sources. YouTuber gives completely the unique theme of concept for the video we have created and could be responsible for establishing the branding for our videos in public. Once it’s happened, then it never lets the channel to step down in the growth.

Concentrate More on Visual design of Custom Thumbnails:

When choosing the custom thumbnails to insert into the video just pick the most eye-catching one. Almost all of the viewers will be clutched at effective visual design.

Creating videos that attracts relevant search traffic:

While we are creating a video you should select the best content that can attract all types of users. All persons look like same, but their way of thinking varies from person to person. So, according to the human minds, we should create an extraordinary video that can attract relevant to their search.

Generate Links to the Low performing Videos:

If we upload some videos, we cannot trust that all videos get more same popularity. Some videos may go viral and some may not. Any video with perfect keywords can catch up by search engines, but the performance of the video is low, it doesn’t get more viewers. So, for those types of videos, we can add links in between the video. By clicking the links go to the next video which is relevant to that topic.

Creating a New Video Content Strategy:

Before implementing a content strategy for your video, first focus on competitor video content strategy, why it’s popular for to gain attention. Every marketer can understand the video content, but they don’t know where to start first. Think about the content and apply that strategy to your video to grab audience attention.

Developing an Evergreen Video Content:

Our main goal is to increase the views, subscribers to get high traffic for your YouTube channel. We should trust the content of the video that should remain evergreen for a long time. First, gather comprehensive analysis report of the content, If it may take longer time for collecting the good content. As long it takes to create, same way video remains for a longer time in the channel.

Creating a Social & Viral Sharing Videos:

Creating social and viral videos doesn’t take thousands of dollars out nothing else. It just needs the best content, creative skills to create viral videos. Don’t think of creating a viral video; you just create a video that can attract millions of people to accurate to know about your video. That video leads you to go viral on all social media websites.

Outreaching different relevant Sources for embedding Videos:

Once if you create a video you should outreach to promote it. Every company needs an outreach program to promote their brands. So YouTube is the best source to promote video ads. Thinks of different sources for to embed your videos. Then embedded video can reach more interaction with the audience.

Learning from Viral Videos and Implementing similar strategy:

If you watch more viral videos, they focus on small content. but creative way of showing the video content goes viral for all time. Just watch more viral videos and do implement the similar strategy on your videos. Implementing the successful strategy, it makes your video viral that can grow views and revenue.


These are the ultimate strategies to beat the target of a million views with no stress of considering the innovative methods. These approaches will boost up the newly launched YouTube channel in less period of time.

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