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How To Remove A YouTube Copyright Strike?

YouTube copyright

YouTube Copyright strike has become the most searching key phrase on a search engine like Google.

Every year YouTube makes thousands of copyright strikes. If any copyright owner claims then it reflects on getting a YouTube Copyright strike. This means as a creator when you upload the copyrighted video content on YouTube without copyright owner permission. It goes to the activity of video takedown.

YouTube Copyright strike put your YouTube channel in a bad position, and it enables users to access certain features.

YouTube Copyright Strikes

To read the details like copyright strike of an offending YouTube video then go to video manager and then access the section of copyright.

When three strikes appear?

  • Just one copyright strike downs your YouTube channel.
  • For suppose if you get three strikes then your YouTube channel terminated.
  • The deletion of a video library of your YouTube channel takes place.
  • The most important thing is that you can not create a new YouTube account.
  • The deletion of offending YouTube videos may not change your channel status that escapes from the copyright issue.

How does it happen?

When the notice from DCMA (Digital Millennium Copy Act) takedown then you will see the copyright strike.
The copyright owner is known as DCMA Takedown notices.

The DCMA Takedown notice on your YouTube channel video will let it to takedown from the YouTube channel which projects to obtain the Copyright Strike.

Remove YouTube Copyright Strike

Three ways are available in resolving the copyright strike.

Waiting for copyright strike to expire:

After completion of Copyright School, the Copyright Strikes expire after 90 days.

Getting Retraction:

It is a straightforward way to remove your copyright strike. Here you can approach the copyright owner to retract the claim of the copyright strike.

Submitting a counter-notification:

As a creator, you have the right to submit a counter-notification if the video was removed by mistake as it was misidentified as infringing.


YouTube creators are struggling too much to solve the issue of copyright strike. Either it may be the reputed channel or startup everyone is on the edge of copyright strike. Go ahead of following the above steps to remove the copyright strike.

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