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How to Make A Collaboration Video On YouTube?


Collaborations help you to get successful on Youtube. Collaboration is the top option that majority of YouTubers choose to acquire a good number of views and subscribers as well. Collaboration often becomes a big buzz across the YouTube and many other vlogging forums. Many of you might not know the collaboration term if you are new to the vlogging world.

Let us dig deeper about the collaboration and how important it is for vloggers to get succeed in this competitive world.

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration is nothing but a mutual effort of two or more vloggers join to gain more exposure for their work. As a result, they can put their effort together in grabbing the audience attention by making the videos that are more appealing to the audience. It is nothing but called as collaboration.

Are collaborations are that effective?

Yes, it is one of the most efficient and effective marketing strategies that are followed by the modern marketers today. Many YouTubers had become successful with these collaborations by shooting collaborative video. While collaborating with the fellow Youtuber who have somewhat similar audience pool can double the reach for their videos at least one.

It can provide you with the exposure instantly and helps you to reach the larger audience pool when you create the video collaboratively. The collaborative videos such as guest videos, appearances, shout-outs can be a part of the Collaborative videos.

What are the different types or ways of collaborations?

Making a collaborative Youtube video is not possible all the time. So, you can go as a guest vlogger to the fellow Youtuber who have similar audience pool. Google Hangouts make the guest appearances much easier, and it is not the same thing as the collaborative video. You can make your video and just upload to the fellow YouTuber’s channel that you have collaborated with and posted the things. Google Hangouts is one of the ways of collaboration with the fellow Youtuber instead of making a collaborative video.

Guest Appearance

You can simply share your views and make some discussion or interviews between you and your collaborator on Youtube. Make a nice discussion on your youtube views and the relevant topics. You can also have a chance to trade the guest appearances to boost the Youtube channel. Guest appearances become tough as you need to record and add them to your Google Hangouts through your Youtube channel.


The easiest way in collaborations is Youtube mentions or exchange mentions. It is simply a shout out type. It is somewhat like asking your audience to check out your collaborator videos on a certain topic and the vice versa with your collaborator about your videos. Mentions is called as an exchange mentions which means mentioning one another in their channel about their several collaborators as part of the marketing strategy.

You can also add a link to the collaborative partner on Youtube channel in your video description, or you can also provide a good annotation link to your video. The same thing can do by your collaborator. As a result, you both will get some views from the audience.

Youtube Collaborative videos

The Youtube Collaboration videos are the most effective videos that help you to expand your audience with ease. Most of the vloggers are taking advantage of the youtube collaborations. You can create a video with more than one vlogger and split up among yourselves. You can go to your channel as well as your collaborator’s youtube channel.

That means for example if you create a video and it ends with a sequel, but the continuation will not be available on your channel instead it is available on your collaborator’s channel. This way of marketing your channel is a part of Collaboration strategy which is a collaboration video.

How to make a perfect collaboration video and how to find the best collaboration partner?

Choose a relevant collaboration partner and create the best video

The first thing you need to focus on your collaboration strategy is finding the best collaborator for your strategy. You just don’t need to pick the top channels but, you need to pick the best channel that is relevant and have similar audience base. If you are a beauty vlogger, collaborate with the fellow beauty or DIY Home décor Vloggers and create a video on how to look beautiful and continue with how to make your home beautiful too.

Go with committed collaborators and create videos with the same commitment

It is imperative to be committed to your collaboration Youtube video strategy. For this, you need to find a well-committed partner who doesn’t like to drop in the middle of your plan. You both need to put your effort equally into marketing and production side which can help you create something great.

Make something interesting and find the interesting collaborator

If you have a capability of producing the most interesting content for your audience, then you need to search for the collaborator with the same capability you have. So that, you can engage the audience with your mutual efforts by creating the collaborative video together. As a result, you can reach the best audience towards you and become the talk of the platform in communities.

Tips and best practices for best Youtube collaborative video

  • Finding the right collaborator plays a vital role to get successful with your overall strategic plan. To find the best collaborator by following the above ways and choose the right strategic plan accordingly and everything mutually.
  • Brainstorm the topic you are going to make a collaborative video and prepare the script relevant to that for making the best video. Always go mutually and coordinate with one another.
  • Don’t forget to write strong call to actions to boost the traffic to your collaborative videos.
  • Do the collaboration video in a smart way that audience needs to connect with you and your collaborator together.

Finally, collaboration needs smart work to attain the best advantages with strategic planning.


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