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How to Live Stream to Facebook and YouTube Simultaneously

Live Stream to Facebook and YouTube

Live streaming has become the most important way to reach the audience in real time. Marketers are approaching the audience in real time for their promotion of products and services online. Many new different live streaming applications are already in use and several new features are also introduced across the platforms. Now it is time for live video streaming across multiple platforms that to at the same time on two different platforms. Yes, for now onwards marketers need not worry about their audience on other platforms as they can cover their live streaming across the different platforms. Here is the way how to cast the live video streaming at a time on different platforms using the Wirecast.

Generally, people can utilize the wire cast studio in order live to stream their video on the Facebook platform in a professional way to reach the next level in their marketing and business. Along with this, the users can also live cast the video streaming along with Facebook to the multiple Youtube channels simultaneously and can reach an audience on both the platforms at a time with your live video streaming.

Live streaming directly to Youtube and Facebook platforms

One can live video stream on both the platforms at a time using the Wi-Fi card studio and it can be operated by running the first thing to open up the Wirecast pro or studio. Then have to add the camera by adding an output source for the Facebook platform by clicking on to the output settings of the Facebook platform. The first and foremost thing you have to do is to get the update the side and test one stream the string live. Go with good quality setup and authenticate with the Facebook account you want to stream your live video. Go with a little description and title that is relevant to the stream. After clicking on the create button you can rtmp the stream and Wirecast direct to the Facebook.

The next step is adding a second source on Youtube by going with the RTMP server and the click OK tab on it. You can also use the output source for the Facebook and Youtube platforms and as usual setup, a good quality like you have already chosen for the Facebook platform. After that you will observe a server URL where you can copy and paste it into the cast and your steam will start simultaneously on Facebook and youtube platform.


So finally, the marketers can target the audience across the dual platforms with a single stream which is really interesting and attractive. It is the best way for the marketers to reach the audience at a time on two different platforms.

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