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How to Find and Report Stolen YouTube Video Content

Youtube video content

Well, You have Established a YouTube Channel with an Ultimate blasting video content and thousands of Subscribers, Views. Unfortunately some unauthorized person pre-owned and reposted your YouTube video content.

What Will you do an illegitimate person stolen Your Video content?

How to fight back against your stolen YouTube Video content?

Are You Searching for the tools to find and Report Stolen YouTube Video Content?

YouTube recently rolled out new Copyright Match tool for the YouTube content creators, which has more than 10,000 + subscribers on their YouTube Channel. But this tool was under the experimentation process. Meanwhile here we have described few tips to identify the stolen YouTube Video content. Unfortunately, the reposted videos are trending rather than original uploads. It feels awful if someone benefited from your creativity and hard work.

Tips to Find Stolen YouTube Video Content

There are plenty of ways to identify your stolen video content. Here we have compiled few tips to find stolen content.

Incorporate Watermark or Logo in Your Video Content:

First and foremost we should identify the content that has been taking without permissions or violating the privacy policies. We have some websites to discover the copied content.

You can prevent freebooting  of your content just by inserting your brand watermark or logo in your video content which will notify you that content is private.

Google Search For Image:

One of the best ways to find stolen content on YouTube is using Google image search. Go to your video on Google, right click on the image thumbnail. It will display a list of options choose Google Search For Image from the list.


In the next step, a window opens with a list of result your images search. It will help you to find out some stolen videos and to stop content theft on YouTube.

Copyright Match Tool To Detect Re-Uploaded Videos:

Copyright Match tool will find all your reuploaded videos on YouTube. Once you see the match on the creator studio you can take any action what will you do if someone has stolen your content.

Make sure that you are the first person to upload the content because it will check the content if you are uploading video to YouTube Channel not copied from others.

Use Different Screen Shots of Your Video:

If you use Chrome, choose random video clips screenshots from your video and search for the images as we are done in the above.

Unfortunately, if you don’t use Google Chrome, capture the screenshot of the thumbnail upload it. Go to the Google Images and upload the image from your device to search.

Analyze the Referral Traffic:

Make sure to have on analytics to discover how do you get traffic and from which site you are getting more traffic. If you notice any suspicious activity done from your site, have a look on their YouTube Channel if they have stolen your content.

Guidelines to Report Stolen YouTube Video Content

The first thing you should take a screenshot of the Video where it was posted on other channels.

Next “Flag” that video under the views, if someone has stolen are copied your video.

Click on “Flag” a popup window open with a list of Flagging options.

In the List of options choose “ Infringes My Right,” the second option from the bottom.

Under the “Infringes my Right,” you should select one from the drop-down menu of three choices.

The three options displayed on the pop-up window are “Infringes my copyright,” “Invades my privacy” and “other legal Claim.”

Choose the first option “Infringes my copyright”.

Click on Submit button to report.


After Clicking on “Submit” button, it will lead to the next page asking you to “submit the Copyright complaint” about the Video and Click on “Submit.”

Later you will get a window asking you “what is the reason?” with the seven options.

In that check the option second one from the bottom like “Copyright Infringement(Someone copies my creation)”

The next question they ask you in the same window “ Who is effected?”.

Choose one among is it You, Company or another copyright owner.

Check “I am” from them and it will again ask you the Copies video “URL.”

Copy and Paste the Stolen Video URL from that Channel.

Under the URL option, you can see one more question asking you to describe the work alleged infringed.

Check the box what happens to your content like “my YouTube Video was uploaded by another user.”

In the next step, you will be leading to a new window asking your video and personal details of the reporting person.

Complete the details and click on “Submit” the Report Form.

Now you have successfully Flagged and reported to YouTube about your stolen video content.


YouTube video creators should be careful enough content theft from your YouTube channel if your video content is personal, better not to upload on YouTube because YouTube and other social media sites are meant to go viral. In case if anyone has stolen your YouTube Video content, it is an ultimate guide to find and report against your stolen YouTube Video Content.

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