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How To Earn Money Using DLive Live Stream On Blockchain

DLive live stream

Most of the creators are working hard to generate excellent content for the audience. Simultaneously they are paying more and more for the trending platforms to feed their fans. To erase all those tackles, DLive live stream on blockchain arrived into the market. It is available on Android via Google Play Store and iOS via Apple’s App Store. It is launched on Steem blockchain.

What DLive mean?

To what extent it will benefit the creator?

Is it sucks too much money to live stream?

DLive live stream

DLive is the live streaming community for the content curators and creators like other live streaming apps. In this platform, the creators can launch live streaming of tutorials, gaming sessions, and the other original content.

How does DLive live stream on blockchain works?

When the creators launch the live streaming, then they need not make payment to the DLive platform itself.

Unlike other trending platforms, the monetization of DLive is the cryptocurrency-based system.

The creators and users of DLive who involves in monetization need not pay the cut of their profit to the platform.

The users will pay through gifts, upvotes, and donations. The users of DLive can earn the tokens from the moderators of DLive by referring friends, comments on content and upvoting, etc.

It has half a million monthly users. Up to now $2.6 million exchanged on steem cryptocurrency.

As it is the blockchain based streaming platform, all the transactions occur from moderators and users who are having currency to provide in return for the particular good content on the platform.

For the curation of the content, decentralization is the essential segment.

Content is not based on flagging or upvoting systems that are built into the app. Basing on how the viewers treat watching the content will be categorized to serve the effective content.

The users can watch the content on their feed, chatting with users, search videos and live streams.

The users can set their profile as they have on other platforms. Just by tapping the users who want to become the DLive creators can launch the live streaming.

How can the users make money by watching the live stream on Drive?

For any content sharing platform, audience engagement is the most significant one.

The viewer’s engagement on other platforms is enabling them to make tons of money by ignoring the contributions of the viewers.

Along with the viewer appreciation, DLive appreciates viewers with rewards for chatting, sharing content, gifting and watching content on that platform.

Pew Die Pie to live stream on DLive blockchain platform

  • YouTube sensation PewDiePie is partnering with DLive to make an exclusive live stream of video games.
  • PewDiePie is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, but recently T-Series has given a high competition to his channel on YouTube.
  • The only reason for PewDiePie to shift DLive is that YouTube’s incentivization and high fees.
  • He also stated that DLive live streaming platform is revolutionary. He said that he is going to support DLive content creators by donating $50,000 to 100 creators.
  • The most obvious thing is that DLive will not charge any payment that has been donated by the viewers or subscriber to streamer or stream. The creator will get all the money.


The DLive live streaming platform is helpful for both the viewers and creators as it offers bucks to both. Moreover, PewDiePie is not an ordinary creator on YouTub. He is establishing his profile on DLive from which we can say that DLive is the excellent live stream blockchain app. If you are intended to make money, then go ahead of creating a profile on DLive.

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