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How to Deal with Long-Form Video Content

Long Form Video Content

What are the essential strategies that brands should know?

If you are a beginner in video marketing and new to video marketing and advertising ecosystem, then the only big thing that tingle your mind is to go for long-form video or short form video content for your marketing.

Yes, this is the most common experience to the new video marketers to brands.

Lets us explore the things in detail

Online video advertising and marketing was has been since from years with new modifications and new technologies with new practices were implemented and made several changes in video marketing ecosystem.

Online video market will definitely grow in future too as the advertising inventory was increasing and audience love to watch the video content all the time.

Myth on long-form video content

Many people think that short-form video content is ruling the world as the audience just like to watch the video content that is within two minutes or so. But, it is not a right prediction and estimation because the audience is also consuming the long-form video content.

Yes, according to the recent survey reports, it is revealed that people are showing their interest in long-form video content over short-form video as the viewing behavior of audience were gradually changing and this is the reason why social networking platforms like Facebook is focusing on the long-form video content.

Which length is considered as a long form and what are other forms of content terminology?

Marketers often termed as a short form and long form content in their marketing guides and other materials. Yes, generally they are termed as three forms.

The first is short form, means short video clips, music videos and other web content which lasts within five minutes span.

The second one is mid-form content; it generally consists of web series and other extended video clippings, interviews etc which lasts 20 minutes in length.

Finally, the long form video content which is linear TV shows, live streaming videos, sports events, brief explainer guides, films etc which exceeds over 20 minutes in length. So this is what we are discussing about in this guide.

Impact of long-form video content in present video ecosystem

According to the recent reports, it is revealed that more than fifty percent programmatic video views are acquired from the long form content. More than 40 percent video ad views are noticed with long-form video content.

The growth was continued this year too and was predicted to continue further.

Brands must step ahead in creating long-form video content

Brands must not step back in creating the long form video content due to myths of lacking views and leads.

Long-form video content can be a perfect way to enhance your brand presence as well as to maintain good relation with your consumers.

The art of video creation lies in conveying the ability to make your audience watch your video content up to last second of your video matter for your success. So, what you need to know is how to create better long-form videos to reach your audience.

Short form video engagement was dominated today with long-form video content, and it was same previously, but brands neglected to go for the long form.

For example, Brands and marketers used to make playlists on YouTube platform with a series of short video clippings right.

What form of content are those playlists called? Yes, the power of long-form content was just unnoticed due to the myth of low engagement levels, but it can help you to build loyalty, trust and honest impression on your brand from your audience.

Long form video growth drivers and best practices for brands and marketers

Choose the right subject

The first thing that brands must remember is to choose the right subject they want to convey through long form video to their audience. Because long form video can drive the best traffic but it must be crafted in a better way to get the things done in your way.

So always choose the right subject basing on your strategic plan.

Good story telling

The long form video must connect with the audience and it must keep your audience at the center of the subject.

The only it can be an engaging content for your brand. Yes, go with good story telling about your product or brand or some useful information.

Live video

Edit the saved live video for your audience who missed your live videos session.

Make good editing in order to make it more interesting to your targeted audience.

Active your audience

Cheer your audience in your video flow to make them continue watching with curiosity and excitement.

Conduct contests in the middle in an appropriate way so as not to disturb the flow of your story telling.

Make how-to and unboxing type of videos in detail

The audience likes to watch the product and its usage completely till the end.

So make it interesting by adding some humor and good music to your video. Make sure you have good video quality and sound output as they play a key role in your video success.

Promote it

Video promotion is very important whether it is a short form or long form.

Yes, utilize the social media platforms and blogs. Embed the video on your website and blog. Write a quick description in your blog about your video.

Add a good call to actions and annotations to your video and don’t forget to optimize your video for search engine results.

Finally, long form video can grab you the best search rankings and build a good community for your brands and marketers can get good leads if it was implemented with a clear strategy.

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