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How to get your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

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Advertising on YouTube hasn’t been this challenging before. From weird cat videos to daredevil stunts, videos are everywhere, filling our lives with information that at times seem not so necessary. But videos do enhance our horizons, in that, a piece of information when combined with the elements of audio and video can stick in our minds for a relatively longer time than just reading a bit of text from the pages of a book. Now, imagine you have a ground-breaking idea, and you go ahead and make a video out of it. You create a YouTube account and also upload the video. Now, there is this massive challenge of attracting viewers to watch your video. How do you go about doing it? This post tells you exactly how to get your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers .

Tips To Get First 1000 YouTube Subscribers

  • Make your channel as attractive as possible.
  • Create a good banner (really creative one) and also a nice avatar.
  • Have a slick, short and effective description written so viewers could quickly understand what your channel is all about.
  • As it’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, create a trailer that can easily hook your channel viewers to come back again and again.
  • Have a playlist that has some connection between the videos that are published on your channel.
  • Make your subscriptions public on the Channels-tab. If you do, channels that you subscribe to will get an e-mail telling them you subscribed to them. And especially people who don’t get that many YouTube Subscribers get ecstatic over such e-mails, and they will almost immediately check your channel out.
  • Make a vlog from time to time, to talk about your channels, answer questions from YouTube Subscribers or talk about music in general.
  • Asking questions to your subscribers is another way to improve interaction, which is what you want.
  • Be sure to use a lot of other social media to accompany your YouTube channel.
  • Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, perhaps an Instagram or Pinterest account. Use the Google+ page that you got to your channel. Sure, it takes some effort for those social media to grow, but if they do, they are great ways to promote your videos and get your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers.
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