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5 Most Popular Fashion and Beauty Brands on YouTube

Beauty Brands on YouTube

89 percent Fashion and beauty brands have their online presence on Youtube platform. Beauty is the most engaging category on Youtube platform which made several YouTubers as stars on the web. The majority of the audience is following the beauty and fashion channels and voting for the products. This made the brands expand their opportunities with the video marketing on Youtube and become very popular. Here are some lists of top Fashion and Beauty brands on Youtube.


Chanel was at the top place in the most popularity list. The brand was using the Youtube platform as the main destination for their brand presence. The brand has good organization of the content on the platform which was design basing on the differentiation of the various categories which takes the viewers to the other layout by clicking on to the subcategories they are interested in. every month,Chanel uploads a new video content in Fashion and Makeup sections. It was scored more than 301,903,122 views.


Hugo Boss is a Luxurious German Fashion brand, HUGO BOSS started this brand in 1924. Hugo Boss mainly focuses on Clothing, High fashionable accessories and Footwear. Hugo Boss created an interactive 3D YouTube Video campaign for latest fragrance. Brands paying attention on YouTube Video advertising, promoting with Huge Community interactions. In YouTube Hugo Boss Got 17,707,045 views.


The Dior page on Youtube platform just looked like a basic one by t the videos are updated quite often. It is the top spender on Youtube platform. It has spent nearly$4.6 million on Youtube platform. It has reached 236,308,596 views .


In 1933, French tennis Star René Lacoste were the white polo T-shirt with a reptile on it, he was the world’s number one tennis player. After introducing the Lacoste he was nicknamed as “the crocodile”.Lacoste sells high end clothing, accessories, bags, Footwear, leather goods, perfume and Eyecare. Lacoste is the World’s first logo garment. This was unique brands still huge range of polo T-shirts with different colors available in the market. This channel has got 24,424,135 views.


Burberry has a very different approach on Youtube platform. The brand has built with a perfect social strategy and the video content played a central role in the success of Burberry on Youtube platform. The brand used to convey their brand message very differently.It has got 93,665,137 views .

21 Mind-blowing Facts about Fashion and Beauty Video Content Consumption

There is no surprise and new that Women and Men consume video content for different purposes. Women started consuming less TV content spending more on internet to browsing.

Women aged between 18-35 people will consume two times more as Men consume video content. Women always browse for Healthy and Beauty tips, body fitness and wellness classes and more.

  1. Beauty and fashion content category is the first category on YouTube platform
  2. Nearly 68 percent users purchased the product after watching the beauty product-related videos.
  3. Top YouTubers are earning revenues from beauty and fashion vlogging only.
  4. The worldwide generated revenue on Fashion apparels and beauty content across the social platforms and on web is near $ 1800 billion according to 2013 reports
  5. The fashion industry market value will reach 4000$ billion by 2018
  6. YouTube has acquired nearly 48 billion total beauty video views
  7. 2.2 Billion brand views with top 215 beauty brands on the YouTube platform
  8. Nearly 55 percent beauty related videos came from mobile devices
  9. The hair videos account nearly 90 percent which includes the men’s grooming videos
  10. Nearly 51 percent growth rate was reported in the beauty space between the years2 2014-2015
  11. More than 190,631 beauty creator channels are there on YouTube platform alone.
  12. Bethony Mota is the top beauty content creator across the YouTube platform with 8.2 million subscribers
  13. US advertisers are spending nearly 8 billion dollars on digital video by the end of 2015
  14. Beauty brands increase YouTube advertising spend to catch up the creators
  15. Total monthly video views for beauty content has developed 30 percent faster than other content on YouTube platform.
  16. Brand produced content has grew 30 percent faster than other content
  17. How to beauty and fashion tutorials have the three times higher engagement comparing to other types of content across the platform.
  18. The top ten men’s grooming channels collectively have 5.3 million channel subscribership.
  19. Fashion video had earned 670 percent more Facebook shares per video than beauty video content.
  20. YouTube beauty ecosystem consists 50 percent makeup videos, 20 percent hair videos, 10 percent nails videos and 7% skin care video content.
  21. Influencer marketing has increased especially for the beauty content


Some people craze about brands in lifestyle. We can see thousands of brands shown in YouTube advertisements. But we have customized 5 most popular Fashion and Beauty YouTube brands for brand lovers. In this article, we have written some mind-blowing facts about Fashion and Beauty Video content consumption. This varies from men and Women just chuck how many ways Men and Women are consuming Video Content.

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