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Facebook Video: The Definitive Guide

Facebook Video

Since its debut in 2004, Facebook has come a long way especially when it comes to video. It has become a compelling platform for video and is an active competitor for YouTube. Marketers realise the importance of Facebook video for their campaigns.Facebook Video 2019 is one of the Buzzwords in Digital Space

The video is consumed more and more and mobile devices now than ever. It said that more than hundred million hours of video is watched by Facebook users every day. With such statistics, it is no wonder that both paid and organic video content is exploding. Studies revealed that Facebook videos get more reach than photos. The video is going to account for 75% of mobile data traffic by 2020. `

Video Consumption Behavior on Facebook

The video is the most engaging form of digital content, and in the coming years also an appetite for video is going to increase. As per the latest data of Facebook, video watch time has quadrupled since a year.

Studies revealed that forty-five percent of the users are more likely to consume more video on their smartphones in the coming days. The reason for the popularity of mobile video is because it is short and can watch anytime, anywhere.

Facebook Video 2019 trends that should not overlook

Digital video consumption is not increasing just because it is easy, there is a sense of communal sharing and getting engaged with friends.

Facebook is advising the marketers to create the content that people will consume. Also, understand how people are consuming the video content.

According to latest findings, people are opting more for short videos with explicit messages. Publishers thus should deliver their message actively within not more than fifteen seconds. Publishers should create content that can be understood even with sound off.

Facebook also says that publishers should try to create content in vertical form as people are not going to turn their phones sideways to watch the videos.

Though the video quality is going to reduce with vertical videos, the numbers say that the consumption of vertical videos is increasing and creators must keep this in mind.

Facebook Video 2019

Facebook Dedicated Video Chat Device in 2019

Lots of Facebook users love video chatting with their friend.

Facebook revealed that it is working on a dedicated video chat device. The device is said to be coming with a wide angle camera lens, speakers, microphones, and touchscreen. The users will be able to make a call to their friends on Facebook who has a phone or laptop.

Facebook is also trying to be a significant hub for video content online. Platform is ready to spend $1 billion to create original shows in 2019.

Facebook ‘Watch’

The Facebook watch is going to be the platform for live and prerecorded video content on Facebook.

Facebook ‘Watch’ presently available only for limited publishers and creators. It is expected to be widely available in the coming days.

People can watch the video here instead of finding the videos in the feed. Facebook Watch is now available for users in the US.

They can watch it on their mobile devices, desktop and also on Facebook TV. It observed that Facebook is adding exciting content on its Watch Tab.

With limited room for more ads on the social network and revenue growth dragging down, the new video inventory ads selling is going to help to face the challenge.

The only thing is that Facebook has to share the revenue with the creators.

Early data is suggesting that Watch video can hold the viewer’s attention and the average watch time is one minute to one and a half minute. But there is a long way to go for Facebook to provide the best video experience for its users.

Getting started with Facebook Desktop Video App Ads for Game Installs

Facebook went from being just a social networking site or service provider to being the base for several of the world’ companies to invest in by providing them with the ability to post ads. A decade ago, Facebook was just an idea. Today, people weave their innovative ideas around this networking giant’s website. However, the versions of Facebook such as the mobile, desktop, and Tablet version are all so sought after that it becomes difficult to choose which device is to use for which purpose. But Facebook has mastered even that, in that, it allows for seamless integration of all platforms to be both conducive and responsive. The desktop, however, has still not lost its sheen through the mobile space is quickly invading the boundaries of devices. Though native, the desktop remains to be most used and most comfortable for a plethora of users, and so, have the top companies capitalized these opportunities.

While browsing Facebook over your Desktop PC, they are several Ads that pop up and ask you to install games. These ads, while considered spam, are the ones that allow one to play games and the purpose of bringing them right while you’re on Facebook is more than just a marketing gimmick. With desktop app install ads, you will be able to reach people at scale and drive installs where they are most engaged, in News Feed, in addition to the right-hand column. Your ads will attract attention with an active call to action, “Play Now,” or “Use Now” and a sizeable engaging image. Each user that clicks your ad and accepts your app’s permission prompt will be counted as an install, allowing you to measure and optimize your ads based on installs.

This way you can make the most out of Facebook thus helping your game usage and propagation.

Facebook Video for Marketers

It is challenging for digital marketers to know about the latest trends and make use of them in their marketing campaign. Facebook recently announced some updates for videos.

Augmented reality was the central theme for Facebook F8 Conference. Though this technology is not going to be the mainstream in the next couple of years, it is expected to open many opportunities for marketers to create content that will keep the followers engaged.

At present, the marketers can make use of the effects available on Facebook camera and create content that helps in building brand awareness.

Facebook is dominating the social media advertising arena. Facebook first launched advertising with sidebar ads. Then came the news feed videos live videos and then the Stories.

What is going to be Facebook Video 2019 advertising in the coming years?

Facebook video is going to the original ad format in future. Facebook is pushing the video to compete with other video platforms such as YouTube.

If we look at the product development of Facebook in recent times, we can understand that the platform is going to be video-centric in the coming days.

The platform launched live video in 2016. It is claiming that in the coming few years, the platform is going to be all video.

Apart from launching Facebook Stories it also released a tab Watch dedicated to the platform’s original video show. The original video content of it is likely to have in-stream ads even.


Facebook has more than 2 Billion monthly active users. More than five million advertisers are creating limited ad space. To have a space in the feed, advertisers necessarily must use the video products of Facebook to avoid being left behind. This is the complete guide to Facebook Video 2019.

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