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Facebook Video App for Content Creators [Review]

Facebook Video App

Facebook announced a new mobile Video app for Content creators to produce live videos or On-Demand videos. Facebook dedicated “Facebook Creator” app to the influencers better to manage their Video Content. Dedicated Video creation app looks an appeal to the creator’s community and is a competition to the YouTube. How the Facebook Video App will work?

Facebook Creator video app is a one-stop Facebook Video App for the creators who want to take video passion to the next level. Facebook creator app provides two services to the content creators. In one way it helps to build a bigger audience and in another way to gain necessary resources to build their brands.

Features Of Facebook Video App

Creator app allows the user to create original videos, Go Live with exclusive features and connect with connecting with their Facebook Community only through your smartphones.

Facebook Creator app comes with a pocket kit which includes advanced video creation features, Live streaming facility and communicates on live with an audience in the community, tell stories like social, Personal and authentic.

Here are the key features and what comes with the Creator kit.

Live Creative Kit:

Live Creative Kit helps to improve personalized Live Broadcasting. The tools make to create comfortable and personalized Live broadcasting. Creators can add a custom intro to invite openers to live broadcasts and outros to the end of the broadcast or to conclude them. You can use custom Live stickers to introduce your brands and to communicate using stickers.

Camera and Stories:

Use creative Camera effects and frames to create fun and to crosspost on other social video platforms easily. Facebook creator app also allows your fans and friends to access your Facebook stories to share your day.

Community Tab:

Community Tab communicates and connects with followers and collaborates via Unifies Inbox.

Unifies Inbox centralizes the comments from Instagram, comments from Facebook and messages from Facebook Messenger. It is given a chase to the users to provide a reply to the Instagram, Facebook comments.


Insights let to get analytics which can help to inform content creation. It also shows metrics for your Facebook pages, uploaded Videos and Fans.

Facebook Creator app is now available for only iOS users and in Future will launch for Android users also. The iOS users can upgrade this app and use it for creating excellent videos and collaborate sharing on the Facebook community.

The critical features of Facebook Creator app you can access Facebook Live features like spherical Video, analytics, communicating on Live chatting, share your content on Facebook and Twitter.

At the same time, Facebook announced Facebook creators website which includes incredible guide and Tips for Creating excellent videos and communicate and share their content on Live.


Facebook Creator app is open to existing mansions, verified celebrities, Large fan based pages, public figures, and Influencers. Those who are already using can automatically upgrade and use to Go Live.

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