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An Extensive Guide on Facebook Video Ads

Video Ads on Facebook

Facebook Video Ads Features

Facebook had already tested the advertising feature with the Facebook platform challenging the Youtube platform in the video advertising. The new video ad feature on the Facebook platform had made some simple changes for its audience. Now, the users can see the suggest videos option on their news feed. If the user likes to click on to the suggest video button, then it will get the pop-up and produce a list of videos that recommended to the user. The list will be curated based on the type of videos you have watched previously. The videos will include autoplay while scrolling them. There will be ads in between the video ads which play automatically. The autoplay video ads had already attracted several marketers on the platform and gaining great results with them.

Facebook ads can acquired on the basis of auction. The advertisers have to pay to base on the clicks and impressions. Many ad formats offered by the Facebook platform. One can create their ads by themselves by using the interface provided for the self-services bu using the certifies ads API developers. Facebook ads are two different categories in which they are sponsored stories and the ads.

Business ads can be varied in different types of mobile app ads, event or domain or Page like ads and page post ad video, offer ads and much more types of formats in the ads provided for the marketers by the Facebook platform. The Facebook premium video ads also having the great results in marketing and very soon the platform was expected to announce few more developments on its ad features for the advertisers and marketers to succeed.

Best Practices for Creating Facebook Video Ads

Video became the essential element and turned as a buzz word in advertising. When comes to video advertising, Youtube is the name that strikes in every mind and now, the days changed and its time for Facebook which was trying to overcome the Youtube in video advertising. For this competition, the platform had already got ready to knock its competitors with its brand new features in ads for publishers and advertisers on its platform. So, Facebook video ads become more powerful today with creativity and quality in one place. But, it relies on the advertiser’s thoughts in reaching their audience and here are some ways to create best Facebook ads for your advertising.

Best practices

Get Matched your content with the audience interests.

Audiences are the main target in every campaign and business advertisements. So, create the content which can attract the audience and which can make them completely involved with the content. So, that your video can give better results.

Invest on what you highly required for your ad.

Attract and grab the people attention in few seconds after the video begin to play. So, focus on it carefully and succeed.


Storytelling is very important and plays a vital role. It must not be boring, but it must be entertaining and innovative to watch then only it went through the minds of audience to know more about your brand.

So, create accordingly. When comes to the premium Facebook video ads, it is requires a great attention while advertising as your video must raise curiosity to watch as they play without sound at first. So, after the interest of audience only it can be get clicked and play with sound. So, be careful while creating autoplay video ads on Facebook platform.

How to Create Auto-Play Facebook Video App Ads

Facebook was in its race along with the other social media platforms in video advertising . At one point, many tech savvy’s thought, it may overcome the Video giant Youtube platform in few years in video advertising. Facebook video quality and the consumption of the data is very best compared to the Youtube channel. Facebook has introduced autoplay video ads for the advertisers on Facebook platform.

The autoplay video ads play automatically on the user’s news feed without any sound or music. Whenever the users click on to the ad, then only the window pops-up and play in full screen with good sound. It makes a sensational way of marketing and advertising on the Facebook platform as these type of ads will not disturb the privacy of the consumers or users on Facebook platform.

Creation of mobile app video autoplay ads – the dynamic ads

Facebook had also targeted the mobile app video creation in autoplay video play format for mobile devices. These ads can efficiently target the users with the dynamic product ads which can retarget the audience too. The platform was also going to open the network for the ads for all types of applications.

The personalised ads can be sold by the Facebook. The dynamic product ads can run by showcasing products, and the users can now purchase directly by viewing the ads which can optimise the sales for the business. So, the updated feature was included with the autoplay and click to play ads along with the carousel ads on the Facebook. It is also revealed that the apps on Audience network have eight times greater engagement comparing to the general banner ads on Facebook.

Facebook Premium Video Ads

Facebook revenue had grown towards the 50 percent raise comparing to previous two years revenue. It was listed under the top fastest growing companies in the world and acquired rank tenth in the world.

The main thing behind its growth is its latest improvements and the continuity of the development at various vertical in the video advertising. It grasps the trending element and developed accordingly basing on the present markets. It developed with various types of video ads, and it is the reason why the advertisers choose Facebook for their growth of sales.

Have a deep view towards the Facebook premium video ads and its impact.

Premium video ads on Facebook has paved a new way to the advertisers in order make their branding special with good objectives. At first, the platform had tested the ads with the selected advertisers by forming them in groups. The Premium video ads are designed especially for the advertisers who had an objective to reach large audience with good quality content.

The premium video ads allows the advertisers to upload a 15 seconds length video ad which will play without any sound and can also be called it as an autoplay video ad on the Facebook platform. The autoplay premium Facebook video ads can appear on the screen and plays automatically. But, it doesn’t disturb the social environment of the audience. If the people interested and tapped on to the video then it will pop-up to play full screen with sound. These type of ads helps to gain gross rating points within a short span.

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