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How To Use Facebook Premiere

Facebook Premiere

Facebook recently rolled out a new feature named as “Premiere” on its platform. Facebook Premiers allows the creator to upload edited or a new video that it treated as Live footage including all live features communicate with the audience.

Facebook already launched Facebook Live streaming feature to stream live in real time. But now Premiere offers to upload a new video to the Facebook, and later it start the stream on schedule time. Facebook premiers extended it’s the support, and it also enhances the business revenue.

Interesting fact of Facebook premiere is people can watch the premiere videos whenever they want. As it treated as Live video, but the platform remains these video in page videos list for further promotional use. For the first time, Facebook introducing this fantastic feature for fans and creators can interact and communicate at the same time for new videos.

Best Feature Of Facebook Premiere

The ability to watch and discuss Facebook videos in real time. Facebook premieres unlock the new videos for fans and creators at the same time in Live.

All the content creators and publishers can interact with followers in Live and to get feedback from then support their business. They can get requirement from the audience in live interaction and resolve their issues.

Facebook allows content creators to schedule their premiere video up to a week in advance. Schedule and share the link with your fans ask them to turn on post notifications to view on scheduled time.

Facebook allows all the Facebook pages to create a new video and schedule it as a premiere video to watch it live. At the same time, Facebook pages can schedule a prerecorded video as premiere video and watch as a Live video on your page.

How To Create a Facebook Premiere

The process of creating a Facebook premiere video is as simple as publishing a post.

First Go to Facebook App and Log in to your Page. It does not make any sense if it is a business or personal page.

Start creating a post, click on “Photo/Video.”


Upload a Video that you would like to share as a premiere.

Fill the details of the Video such as Title, Description, keywords and add a compelling thumbnail for premiere video.

Click “Next” after adding details of the video.

Choose “Premiere” as instead of selecting publish or schedule.


After selecting the “Premiere,“ you can see the schedule option to set date and time when you would like to launch video.

Set the date and time of your Premiere launch.

Next, Add an image for the news feed announcement. It is an optional thing to upload a cover photo. If you uploaded the picture, it would show on notifications.

Click on the “Publish” option to publish your Premiere.

Now you have successfully scheduled your Premiere Event on Facebook.

Once you scheduled the launch, your Facebook page followers get the notification messages that you have scheduled an event.

Later it will ask them to set as a reminder to the event. In case followers did not fix the reminder for an event they did not get further notifications of your Live event.

Benefits Of Introducing Facebook Premiere In Business

  • Facebook premiere offers to create 30 seconds video to 3 hours to reach audience hearts and treated as a Live video. It can eliminate the marketing anxieties.
  • Facebook Premiere is a good sign to the business launch their event videos as Live Footage and communicates with the audience in Live.
  • Facebook extended their support make their marketing campaigns easier through premiere option. Because premiere is set to stream at exact lunchtime. Users get notifications from scheduling date of the premiere.
  • You need not to test all connections are adequately set to broadcast. If you have time to edit your video before the scheduled time, it’s enough. You can edit and record the footage multiple time.
  • Given a chance to shoot footage at any time, edit it and schedule footage from any device. It eliminates depending on mobile devices.
  • Anyone from your team can edit the post if they have access. Once the Premier is published from that moment, you can use it for campaigns.
  • Premiere Video remains in your videos list can watch anytime and use it for marketing campaigns. Can Boost your post directly on the Facebook page.


Facebook Premiere is an outstanding service from Facebook to the content creators and advertisers. Have a look and start implementing it on your business for better engagement and extended support.

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