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Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads for Branding

Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads for Branding

Facebook auto-play video ads are the best way to get high conversion rates on Facebook platform. The auto-play unit on Facebook can push the ads towards the audience and increases the audience reach towards the product or brand. These ads help the advertisers to create the awareness among the audience about their products and services.

Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads for Branding

Facebook Auto-Play Video Ads for Branding

Auto-play video ads for Product launch

Product launching plays a vital role in marketing practices which can be performed well using the autoplay video ads o the Facebook platform. By creating the different user groups with tracking can help the marketers to diversify the users and can maximise the user engagement. The average user frequency towards the auto-play unit ads is very high. More than 96 percent impressions are recorded as maximum during the product launch using the autoplay video ads on Facebook platform.

The native video ad on Facebook is the most efficient way to drive the mobile user’s engagement and also targets the same user with various tactics which helps the marketers to widen up their reach. The Facebook auto-play video ads can drive the better branding as they can attract the consumers and raise their interest to know more about the ads. While launching a product, marketers can target the relevant users on the platform using the autoplay video ads in their news feeds. The autoplay video ads raise the curiosity of the viewers to know more about the product, and there is chance of high engagement with the viewers.

How Facebook is Getting Billions of Views

Video become the main agenda in a majority of the video marketing plans today as it was generating stunning results in the marketing world. Everyone was almost attracted towards the videos and now busy in searching and creation of ways to present the videos in different ways on various platforms. YouTube is the video giant and the most prominent competitor to all the rest of the platforms on the web. So, the platforms are trying to overcome the YouTube platform and created their video feature to become number one on the internet. In this process, they are pulling the feet of new individual video creator’s ad cutting their wings with free-booting. Especially the Facebook platform was mainly stealing some billions of video views from the YouTube platform.

The Algorithm on the Facebook platform preferred to YouTube links. The Facebook platform was cheating by using the autoplay video feature as their magic wand to generate the video views from the stolen videos. The auto-play videos play automatically without sound, and the Facebook platform calculates the video view if the video viewed for just three seconds. Sometimes the viewer is not a viewer and still counted as a view with the auto-play feature. The auto-play feature can be revealed by experimenting with an old video post and compared by posting same on Facebook platform. Facebook is has been building the video matching system. Finally, the platform was generating some billions of views from the stolen videos and with its feature.

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