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What is Explainer Video: The Ultimate Guide

Explainer video

Explainer Video quickly tell the stories of the brands.

It is an animated video and is very simple. Small and big businesses are incorporating these videos to expand their brand presence online.

It may sometimes be difficult for the enterprises to express what they do.

Storytelling videos like these give a reason for an audience to visit the site.

Explainer videos use on landing pages by most of the businesses, and these are the first to be watched by the audience.

A well-made explainer video can help describe the market and drive sales.

The script is the key to success for any explainer video.

Take a look at the business and ask some professional to write the script to explain it.Keep the videos short and crisp.

The longer the video, the fewer people will watch it. The less you say in the video, the more people will remember it.

A good explainer video should focus on the problems of the customers.

It should tell them how the product or service can help solve the problem.

It should also have the right call to action.If you are creating a video about a product, do not go on explaining the features and specifications. Instead, focus on how it is going to make the life better.

Ensure that the video and audio quality of the explainer video are excellent. Poor audio can ruin the success of the video.

Use a professional voice. People love, share and remember the videos that entertain them.

Add some emotions to the video so that people get connected to the video as well as the brand.

After creating a professional looking explainer video, carefully choose the video host.

Take steps to increase views. Share the video to social media channels; embed it on the website or blog. An explainer video must deliver real and measurable results.

Explainer Video Best Practices:

Animated explainer videos are potent tools in Video marketing campaigns.

Explainer video services are highly beneficial to deliver message short clearly and Quickly. Best practices for Explainer Video are :

Keep it Short:

The shorter the video, the more people watch your video.

So make it quick and understand by every user. You should explain any product video within 30 sec, and you must focus on the middle ground.

Look For Uniqueness:

If you are planning to create highly engaged marketing video, make it as fully customized animated video.

It is good to have a unique animated video which explains the product rather than predefined formats. Unique and creative videos more engagement with the audience.

To Autoplay or Not To Autoplay:

Apply autoplay option in the animated video, that help to play automatically when the user visits the site rather than search and click on it.

The Autoplay of video depends on where your video share on social media.

Apply autoplay option when you are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and do not use Autoplay option when you are posting on Web sites.

Social Media Sharing:

Social Media Sharing of explainer videos does not focus on to go viral, focus on targeting the targeted audience through the demographic way.

Make sure that your video should reach the targeted audience.

Know the platform where explainer videos are engaging in social media.

Facebook and Youtube are the best ways to post and promote your brands as explainer videos.

Apply the colors of Your Brand:

Another best practice to animated videos are apply colors of your brands to the characters that you have created.

Using the color to the videos will present your name throughout the Videos.

Apply the colors of Your Brand makes audience readily recognize and call the brand’s later.

Make sure that which technology used to create animated videos.

Double check the technology for further reference, some techniques adapted to the explainer videos. Choose best explainer video company and best technology for producing explainer videos because you are spending more on building brand video.

Use Professional Voice Over:

Use a professional marketing voice-over because an explainer video without professional voice does break down your marketing strategy.

The main thing is professional voice gives life to the characters and tone of the personality and changes the mood of the story.

It’s a compulsion to use a professional voiceover to the explainer videos presents how you spoke in front of an audience.

Have a Good Explainer Video Company:

The last one but important thing we should remember is a good explainer video comes from the excellent explainer video production company.

Implementing best practices to the explainer videos boost your marketing result but it is not possible without hiring a good explainer video production company.

5 Reasons Business needs an Explainer Videos:

1. Let’s be Crystal Clear :

Clarifying your business’s work and the information is most Supreme.

2. A Friendly Introduction :

By showing neat Explainer Video, you can interact the people who want to know the other side of the business.

3. Viral Videos :

Nowadays,lot of free Video hosting websites are there.Uploading videos up on them may make the super hit.

These are very easily shareable and going viral.

4. Improved SEO :

Explainer video can be used in the SEO purpose.

5. Increased Click-through Rate:

Explainer Videos increase conversion rate by 20%, which provides a business clear and compelling way to convey their scale of value.

Examples For Explainer Videos:


HubSpot Focus on classic B2B videos. They provide a value to connect with potential clients.


60 seconds of spotify video explains with a joyful tune and minimal animations. it modern and fun type of explainer videos.


one of the best explainer Video how company help the customers in accounting software. It is less than two minutes videos gives rock solid message.


Zoho is another software company which helps to website builder Products.


Following the above Explainer videos Tips and hiring a good explainer video production company can change your marketing results. The above is an ultimate guide for Explainer video best practices.

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