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Video Marketing Strategies for Education Industry

Education Industry

Like any other industry, the Education Industry is also utilizing digital video marketing to reach the target audience.

Why is video marketing considered significant in education industry?

Younger generations depend more on digital channels to get the information they want. Youngsters are the primary targeted audience for the education sector. Thus it became necessary to adopt digital advertising because here is where the target audiences are.

Importance Of Video in Education Sector

The Internet is becoming accessible to more and more, and the students spend more time on the internet watching videos. The students are even accessing the internet to find information about a course they intended to do or about a college that they are planning to join.

While the traditional marketing channels are not complete shutoff from audiences, digital platforms provide a lot of opportunities for viewers to connect with the younger audiences.

Audiences feel the television campaigns or the ads in newspapers are like sales pitches. The attention spans of younger generations are very less and they want information that is relevant, engaging and that helps make a decision.

Using digital channels and video marketing, marketers can ensure that right kind of content delivered to the right audience at the right time.

Digital marketing provides limitless opportunities for education sector marketers. They can create videos and upload them to YouTube, and the videos can be shared to other social media sites.

There are endless possibilities to reach the audience, and all this makes digital video marketing important and relevant for the education sector.

Video Marketing Strategies for Education Industry

The education industry is one of the top sectors for video marketing. A video is being used not just for promoting and advertising purposes but also for learning and remote teaching. Here are some strategies that help take the education industry marketing to the next level.

Whatever the type of video, tell a story in it. It could be testimonials from genuine students, formal speeches, etc. If the video content is informative and inspiriting, it will increase the watch time.

Focus on the audience and create content for their needs. Share the video clips on social media to reach the expand and ensure that the content gets noticed.

Have a compelling call to action in the video, and it could be an application guide or financial aid guide for prospective students or direct them to a landing page to engage the visitors.

Keep the videos and short and stout with information that is valuable to the audience. Choose the content of the video carefully. Let the audience see how the students interact with each other, enjoy their time on the campus, etc.

User-generated content is loved by viewers. Encourage the students, faculty, and staff to create video content that is both fun and relevant.

Video Marketing trends for Education Industry

Short Videos:

People are consuming content via mobile devices. Short videos are ideal to keep them engaged. Short videos between 30 and 90 seconds length are going to be the trend.

These type of short videos are ideal to get the brief attention spans. The ideal video should have the three essential elements, and they are, they should be eye-catching, short and easy to follow.

Social Video:

Another trending that we can look for in the coming days is that video promotion on social video will bloom. Business advertisements on Facebook are growing at a faster pace. Social networks are providing us news and entertainment.

Education marketers should be where there are prospective students. Targeting opportunities are high on social platforms. Video advertisements can promote on social media with the paid option.

Social Media:

Majority of the views on social sites happen in silence. That means the videos are played with sound off. Thus having a combination of attractive visuals and text-heavy descriptions are important for education video ads to keep the audience hooked.

A combination of images and text should be used in video ads to cater for silent autoplay. Create something that the viewers understand through visuals alone.

Live Streaming:

The education sector is using more live streaming on social media platforms. Social platforms such as Facebook are ranking the live video higher in news feeds. Education marketers are going to catch up the trend and engage the audience with live streaming.

Education video marketing is likely to move toward regular and frequently video content rather than a onetime event. The institutions are going to create a higher volume of more targeted video content that covers the student journey’s all aspects.

Education marketers should create content that is useful to the audience. The content should encourage the people to engage with the institution.

Video content for education industry advertising moved to storytelling. The primary goal of the video advertising now is to engage and inform the audience than to sell. A clickable call to action is included which is interactive and personal and helps create a sense of urgency.

Colleges and universities are letting their students produce and create the video content so that they gain experience and also save money.

Education video promoting and marketing is an important part of the online experience for prospective students. Video marketing is no more extended option. Education Industry should adopt and take advantage of video marketing to increase their engagement with the audience.


The utility of video marketing for the education sector is undeniable. The video is very efficient in capturing the audience and so include video in the marketing strategy and get the maximum benefits. The is an ultimate guide how video marketing strategies are using in Education Sector.

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