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eCommerce Video Marketing: Best Practices For eCommerce Video

eCommerce Video Marketing

Every day we experience different kinds of emotions in various moments in our life. These feelings impact on our lives and now in the world of marketing too. Yes, marketers are targeting the emotions of the people that mean they are planning and making their strategy in creating the videos basing on the consumer’s feelings to keep them get attached to their videos.eCommerce Video Marketing is one of the best options to connect with the customer

Mobile video advertising is the best way to reach the millions of audience across the web. The mobile usage had significantly increased from year to year. Marketers are developing their applications to get connected with the people with one click.

The consumers are relying on the mobile devices to shop the products online. 60 percent of the online consumers are using their mobile devices for shopping and ordering the products. Here are some best tips to go with the mobile eCommerce video marketing and advertising.

Do’s and Don’ts in eCommerce Video Marketing

Video marketing is the primary tool for the e-commerce marketers to succeed. Video marketing can boost the conversion rates for the e-commerce marketing, and it can convert the visitor into the customer.

Some thousands of e-commerce companies are succeeding with commerce video marketing today but, some companies are still lagging under the process and failed to reach their targets due to some mistakes in E-commerce video marketing whereas other succeed by taking the advantages over the process.

Here are some dos and Dont’s in e-commerce video marketing in purest form which can help the marketers to get success and especially for the beginners.


  • Do research on similar products and their competition across the web
  • Plan your product marketing video strategy
  • Don’t forget to create your product video based on what is your product? What’s new in your product? How can it differentiate from other products? How can it be helpful to you? This type of video content has the great response from the audience.
  • Try influencer marketing campaigns with best influencers that suits your niche
  • Do social media marketing
  • Go with recent trends and create supportive product videos
  • Don’t forget embedding your videos on your company blog


  • Don’t neglect the how to video content
  • Don’t apply same formula for different social media platforms
  • Don’t compromise in quality
  • Don’t stop your regular interaction with audience across the platforms
  • Don’t over promote your brand in commercial ads

E-commerce video marketing is the craziest stream to attract the customers by using video. In this e-commerce video marketing, the only concept they choose is using the short and simple video strategy which directly hits at the customers.

In this, the most significant thing is that we should introduce testimonial videos which can spread our commitment towards the customer by delivering the customer needs.

Tips to Drive Emotional Response with eCommerce Video

You may already watch some ads which make you feel happy, sad, surprising and sometimes you may be amazed and feel pride on watching some ads across the web. All these are a part of marketing strategy. Even the majority of the viral video content on the web also contains emotional content.

But, some videos are the most prominent failures due to the negative impact of the emotional video strategy. So, here are some tips to drive emotional response to eCommerce video marketing.

Reasons behind why people share videos

  • To get connected with friends with their interests
  • Socializing the friends offline
  • Of the sharing person believes that it is useful to their friends
  • If a video promotes a good cause
  • If it is included with a current trend
  • If it demonstrate the knowledge towards a subject
  • If it is heart touching and emotionally connecting
  • if the sharer wants to tell their friends and be the first to explain the subject
  • In order to start conversation
  • To know what their friends think about that video

Tips to drive emotional response to your videos

  • Know your audience pulse by researching on similar video content and grasp the things within the video which makes significant impact on consumers mind.
  • Create testimonial videos

Best Practices in Mobile eCommerce Video Advertising

Optimize your website in a proper way to make the users comfortable while shopping

Website optimisation is very important because many websites are slow to respond when the consumer clicks onto a product which can make them impatient and just left from your shopping stop. It can lead to the longtime loss and also loses trust among the consumers.

Allow and design that your ads can run on native player of the users mobile

Several devices force the video to get played on its native player. So provide to consumers with an efficient designing which your ad must support to play with the consumers native video players.

Create responsive design

Add shopping carts and one-click mobile application for your shopping website. Make it more responsive to the consumers to access the information about the products you have displayed in your catalog. Make separate categories allow easy access to the product basing on the list. Provide them with best customer support to increase your sales.

Consider screen size and intuitiveness

Land on cell phones has expanded as screen size has gone up, enabling portable intuitive video to develop from basic social-share catches to more obvious solicitations to draw in and extend the video inside MRAID conditions.

In-App Space Dominates Mobile Video Ad Industry

75% of versatile video advertisement stock obtained is in-application, not the portable web. T

10 Best Practices for eCommerce Product Videos

It is proved that the product videos on e-commerce sites help in increasing brand engagement and sales. The customers who see the product eCommerce Product Videos are more likely to add the product to their card and this increases conversion.  Adding a product video to the product page can also increase search engine rank. However, this depends on the comments and shares the video received, the video title, description tags etc. Here are few best practices for product videos on e-commerce sites.

1. The product video must demonstrate how the product can be used. This influences the customer to make an informed decision on purchasing the product.

2. Think in the perspective of the customer and clear all doubts and answer all the questions the customer may have about the particular product.

3. User generated videos about the product are great to be used on the product page.

4. eCommerce Product Videos should be only under one minute in length.

5. These should be produced professionally with high quality.

6. The play button should be placed above the product image and it should be clearly visible.

7. Cross sell your other product on the product video or give the details of what other customers bought but do not sound like a sales person.

8. Make your eCommerce Product Videos easily shareable.

9. The eCommerce Product Videos can be used to announce the price drop in overlay test.

10. Include buy button in the video player.

Viewing product videos on the e-commerce sites is growing and it helps in increasing the popularity and conversions.  Some of the tips that can be followed to further increase the conversion rate is to end the video with customer reviews and include visual text. Also, ensure that the videos are indexed properly for Google.

Videos are now considered a very popular tool in digital marketing for the promotion of business. Video marketing is effective in connecting with the visitors and for generating conversions. Compared to the standard written content, videos are powerful and the advantages of integrating video into the online marketing strategy are many. Videos can be used in your digital marketing strategy in many ways.

1.Marketing videos can be posted not just on YouTube but also on many other video sharing platforms such as Vine, Vimeo etc.

2.To get more traffic, make a video showing your product. The customer will be able to see what your product is going to look like, how to use it and have an idea of how it is built.

3.Embed marketing videos in the business pages of social media. When users click this, they will be taken to the official website.

4.Know the customer base and make the video go viral by making the video interesting for the customers. If the content is good, people will share it.

5.Marketing videos can be used in email marketing also. It is proved that the promotional emails that do not contain a video are not as effective.

6.Do not forget to mention the video in the subject line of the email so that the customers know what they can expect from the video.

7.Share your videos on Facebook which is beneficial in encouraging engagement. This helps in interacting with the customers and will also help in increasing organic reach.

8.Offer special deals and offers to the existing customers through the promotion videos.

9.New customers can be attracted by posting a video that gives details of your company, products etc.

10.Make eCommerce Product Videos that show your product, publish customer testimonial videos etc.

Incorporate videos in your online marketing strategy as the consumers respond more to videos and generate sales and build brands.


To make the ultimate e-commerce video marketing just use the all the social media sites in all angles. If you are thinking to do e-commerce video marketing, then just remind yourself about the points mentioned in this article. Can give you an idea of what areas you need to work best practices for mobile video advertising, mobile video ads are the beat for advertising brands.

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