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Digital Video Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

Digital Video Trends

The global market is completely running over ‘digital video, ’ and it has become the most challenging task for all the advertisers and marketers. It is the only medium to expand the business branding at the toe of the customers that stimulates them to become the buyers. It is the trending brand ambassador for the present and future marketing field, which shows the major impact on the audiences at a glance. Digital video is the feeding source to publishers and vloggers to project their branding or personal image to the public either personally or professionally. Digital Video Trends are mentioned here.

How it’s going to play a vital role in the future?

What will be most influential categories under digital video?

Social Video

Is your company is the well-reputed one for a long time but no use when it doesn’t have the social media profile? That means the social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are the most seeking sites to expand the brand. The combination of these platforms with video content will fulfill the social video strategy. More than 300 hours of video is being watched for every minute. It is too exciting to see how it’s going to be the viral one in future.

Vertical Video

In the present moment, only the business is making amendments to drain the vertical video strategies that give fine result. The portrait mode of the video is most the preferable one as it is more compactable on mobile devices. The mobile users will feel free to watch the video content in the portrait mode. Hence, the vertical video has become the hunting title while delivering the video content.

Video Curation Platforms

We can find plenty of video platforms, but only a few of them will come under video curation platforms. Video curators will drive more engagement by picking the ultimate content from the stack. These video curation platforms always are on the top. There might be chances of taking huge competition between the competitors.

Mobile Video Advertising with new Formats

Now we can find many mobile video ad formats that are being implemented to reach the user expectations. As the premium video inventory has arrived along with the full-screen video ads and Native video ads at present. The new advanced mobile video ad formats can be expected with user-friendly features.

Live Video Ads

90% of the audiences favor watching the live video content than the old content. All brands are planning to use advanced steps especially to reach the Facebook and YouTube live audiences by inserting the live video ads. This tactic will drive huge engagement for the video campaign.

Live Video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has blasted the other trending video platforms with the launch of a video. The only platform where we can find good profiles of business branding. B2B marketing will completely rely on this platform. LinkedIn is going to hold the live video concept for which everyone is waiting.

VR and AR 360 degree video Marketing and Advertising

VR and AR 360 degree videos will bring an immersive experience of being in the video. Audiences are much eager to go around with the VR and AR 360 degree videos. The overall video marketing and advertising are going to explore with this strategy.

Personalized Social Video

These videos are meant to represent the individuals through the creation of the relevant videos. For example, the personalized video ads will drain boundless traffic as they are being introduced by aiming the individual customers.

Live Streaming Video with Captions and Subtitles

Everyone knows live streaming is viral on the social media sites but adding captions and subtitles to the live video will clutch the global audiences that help in building the huge traffic.

Micro Video Content using Video Storytelling

The expansion of micro video content is done through the ultimate video storytelling. The new advanced tools to generate the most engaging micro-video content through video storytelling will arrive.

Advanced AI, Big Data and Machine learning implementation in Video Ads

Fraud detecting advanced algorithms through AI and Machine Learning will be most useful to have the extraordinary branding. The Big Data technology can be used to generate high-quality information about the produced video ads which are necessary. The advancements in the implantation of these technologies with amazing features are going to come.

Influencer marketing Platforms

Concentrating on building the local audiences is important than reaching the global audiences to expand one’s brand. Here influencers are the magnifiers to clutch the more customers with their ultimate branding strategies. Some influencer marketing platforms are giving computational spirit to one another.

E-commerce Shopping Live Streams

The online retailers and e-commerce sites stepping ahead to use the live video streaming as to provide the customer services through live video communication. The products selling can be done through live streaming.

Programmatic Video Spending will increase

The programmatic video spending will be increased to establish the amazing video content. All brands are planning to spend more on programmatic video advertising.


After reading this, we might get an idea of how the digital video is being as the part of the marketing and how it is going to spin the global market.

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