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Connected TV Advertising Best Practices & Strategies

Connected TV Advertising

The world is connected with the web today. People are using the internet and its applications widely across different platforms.

As a result made the online world turned totally towards the usage of internet in their daily life. Even the traditional TV sets were get connected with the web and providing different channels to the users with high-quality content.

A connected TV is referred as the TV that is connect to the internet to access the content by the users. It is beyond what the traditional cable connections can do.

The majority of the connected TVs are mainly related to the content that was displayed with the individual applications. The general interface for the users is very similar to the Smartphone interface. Users can open specific applications to access various things across the web.

Connected TVs provide the content with different individual applications where they can offer options to open the particular applications to access the content across the network.

Most popular apps that are available on connected televisions are Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc. this content has high value.

When comes to the video ads on connected TV, they can be shown to the viewers while loading the applications on the connected TV.

Advertisers are targeting the connected TV ecosystem to deliver their ads to the audience or subscribers in a different way by using the complete freedom of connected TV ad its ecosystem.

Advertising on connected TV

More than 62 percent US households are using the connected TV with the connected devices like Apple TV, Roku, etc. along with the gaming consoles too.

The usage of connected television was growing higher comparing to the previous year reports. These reports made the advertisers include the connected TV in their advertising.

Connected TVs have grabbed the consumer attention with the new world of entertainment by delivering the streaming media content. The platform also serves as a best for advertising the things efficiently.

How can advertisers get connected with the audience by targeting the connected TV ads?

Yes, the connected TV had linked to the huge audience, and it means a lot to the marketers in the present competition. Advertisers were also fetching different ways by using the animations, right call-to-actions, and other commercials while content is streaming across the web.

What must advertisers do to create engaging ads?

To get the viewer’s attention and Advertisers have to understand how to deal with the audience to attract them with their ads basing on their interests.

Be unique while approaching the audience with your ads because ads that are repetitive with same content targeted often bore the audience and irritate the viewers to see your ad so, make it unique and interactive with the audience to grab the audience attention towards your ad

Give personalized experience to the audience. Make your ad personalized to your targeted audience so that can be easily get connected with your services or products in the ad That personalized experience is imperative when comes to the advertisement on the connected TV ecosystem.

Make it simple, many ads on connected TV might lead the viewers from one link to other to fetch the information from the ad It is very irritative to the audience while they are enjoying the content. So, make it as simple as you can to deliver your product information much better.

Be sure what you want to convey and expect from your ads. It is the paramount point to remember while advertising on the connected TV network. People wait to go to the product page if they like or shown some interest in the ad that was displayed while watching the content on connected TV.

If your ad linked to your other information and products or services instead of product buying page, you would definitely lose the customer attention towards your business.

Best Tips for Advertising on Connected TV

• Research whether your potential targeted audience is there on the connected TV or not.

• Make a right plan to reach your audience with a strategy. Make a step by step strategy by understanding the connected TV ecosystem in a better way. You can only win the race if you can understand how you can reach the audience across the connected TV platform.

• Analytics on connected TV is not that much easy like targeted across the video platforms. Because the number of impressions or views or reach can be calculated overall and it is entirely not possible to look in depth like what exactly is the average watch time, views, etc. on your ads.

• Make sure your content is very interactive with the audience because the majority of the consumers of connected TV just love to sit back and watch the things. So be on that line and ensure better content to your audience while targeting them towards your ads.

• Connected TV can helps you to reach the large customer base as you already know that people tend to utilize the internet based services.

• Along with the connected TV targeting, you must also remember about the multiple screen targeting because the connected TV can be accessible via laptops, desktops, smart television systems etc. so, your content must be available to everyone who is using the multiple screens to access the connected TV content.

• Know about on which channel or content your audience are most favor about and target the ads to reach your audience in a right way.

• Make compelling content that audience must not change the channel while your commercial is playing before the content they are watching.

That means your content must be unique and entertaining to the audience as well as it must not cross the relevancy and should not deviate the message you want to convey your audience.

• Make it simple, add some humor and emotions to your ads to grab the viewers attention.

Finally, connected TV can help advertisers to expand their reach by understanding the platform.

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