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If you have a video file to share on social media sites and to watch the larger videos to upload on mobile devices are difficult. There are some ways to optimise the large video files and reduce the size of the video file without compromising the quality of video clips. There is an amazing tool to edit and compress the video files in the browser named as “Clipchamp”. Many of the video editors, Bloggers, Vloggers use this Clipchamp, and it’s the free tool to compress the recorded videos. There are no more software updates needed to install the Clipchamp Online Video Compressor.

Key Features Of Online Video Compressor Clipchamp:

Although it’s a free online video compressor it makes your work done within 3 minutes. You can the Files like MP4, FLV, AVI, MKV and.GIF file formats.

video compressor. This provides much faster, safer, uploading videos from the browser and if you press start only it starts compressing the videos it does not allow automatically.

It gives resolution options on clipchamp app as 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p as like normal input file resolutions.

It gives you options for Convert video files, record video from webcam, Edit and Compresses the video files, API and Video request options from a clipchamp home button.

How To Compress Video Files Via Clipchamp:

Online Video compressors are the best solutions to compress the large size video files. Clipchamp is a free easy to use tool for compressing webcam videos also.

Open website in the browser to compress a video file, record a video and for webcam recording a video easily.

Next click on “ Convert Video File “ button on the homepage of Clip champ.

Start “Sign In” with Google, Facebook or with an Email account.

“Upload or Drag and Drop” a video file onto the Online video compressor. The video files may be one or more than that you can upload a number of video files.

Select any of them from these four output optimization options like WEB, WINDOW, MOBILE or ANIMATION.

I have selected WEB from that window and click on “Start” option.

Then you will see a window like this that video file compressing like this.

After that, you will get the customized video file from the window just click on “Save “ to save the compressed file to your computer.

If you would like to share on Facebook, YouTube and other social media site click on “UPLOAD & SHARE” option to share compressed video file.


The above article is an excellent guide for How to compress a video file, record from webcam and record a video file. Make use of this online video compressor Clipchamp to share, record and compress the large size video file to required size video clips.

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