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50 Mind Numbing Facts and Figures about BuzzFeed Video

BuzzFeed Video

BuzzFeed is an American internet media company from New York. BuzzFeed video is mostly viral videos, social entertainment, trends and News. At prest companies focusing on BuzzFeed video to increase the number viewer to the campaign videos. BuzzFeed concentrates mainly on viral news and enterprises information on ad campaigns. Here are the 50 Facts and figures about BuzzFeed videos.

  1. It is a New York City-based Internet media company
  2. It is well known for the shareable breaking news, reporting on original and entertainment along with video content.
  3. It if founded in the year 2006 as viral lab
  4. Jonah Peretti is CEO of BuzzFeed
  5. “The media company for social age” is the slogan of BuzzFeed
  6. It is native advertising company
  7. In 2014 BuzzFeed raised nearly 50$ million from venture capital
  8. NBC international made a 200$ million investment in buzz feed in 2015
  9. In 2012, BuzzFeed was acquisition Kingfish labs
  10. The acquisition of Tornado team in 2014 made the BuzzFeed first team on data engineering
  11. The platform produces content daily which includes videos, lists, quizzes etc
  12. It consistently ranked at the top in “Facebook Publisher rankings”
  13. The BuzzFeed motion pictures channel produces original content
  14. It has produced various video series like “The creep”, “Fun Facts” etc.
  15. At the end of 2015, BuzzFeed videos YouTube have crossed over 6.4 billion views and more than 9.2 million subscribers.
  16. The platform receives major tragic from the social media websites
  17. The platform had received more than 76 % of the views from social media links
  18. More than 23000 articles on BuzzFeed is about the cats
  19. More than 19000 articles are published on dogs
  20. “why I bought a house in Detroit for $500” is the most viewed article in Buzzfeed with 1.5 million page views
  21. 5 million shares to the quiz “what career should you have?” is the most shared on BuzzFeed
  22. More than 74 percent traffic on BuzzFeed noticed from social media platforms like Pinterest’s, Facebook etc.
  23. Among the number of posts, pizza is the hottest topic that Ryan Gosling in the year 2013
  24. More than 37 percent posts on BuzzFeed have numbers in the title.
  25. More than 5000 gallons of coffee was consumed by BuzzFeed employees at NYC headquarters is one of the funniest facts.
  26. The platform has 8 bureaus
  27. It publishes in four different languages French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English
  28. The platform is available as an app for both Android and iOS app
  29. More than 200 million unique visitors visit BuzzFeed every month
  30. 50 percent of BuzzFeed visitors are between 18 to 35 years old
  31. More than 6 billion monthly views is an average content view on BuzzFeed
  32. 71 percent tragic on BuzzFeed was noticed from mobile
  33. Mobile sharing rate is two time greater than desktop
  34. More than 7-0 percent traffic on BuzzFeed was coming from social media
  35. More than three billion monthly views on video content was reported by BuzzFeed
  36. 40 percent of video views are noticed from outside US
  37. Only 5 percent video views from
  38. More than two billion views are from YouTube channel
  39. More than 20 million subscribers for BuzzFeed Youtube channel
  40. More than 10 million subscribers are there for BuzzFeed video
  41. Nearly 37 million views are noticed for the post “The dress.”
  42. 1300 people are working for BuzzFeed
  43. BuzzFeed had 18 offices at different locations
  44. BuzzFeed is now available in six languages from 2016
  45. BuzzFeed traffic is five times greater than search traffic on its platform
  46. Buzz Feed’s source of tragic is interest
  47. The platform also targets the investigative journalism point of view
  48. The viral content is the primary target of BuzzFeed in posts as well as in videos
  49. The uniqueness and creativity are the main foundation stones for the success behind BuzzFeed
  50. Today more than 90 percent people love to read and search for BuzzFeed content.


The Above mentioned are the 50 mind numbering Facts and figures about BuzzFeed video which helps you to grow on your business. Business persons cam make use this above tricks to implement in their companies.

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