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Roles and Responsibilities of a Brand Video Manager

How can the brand video manager play a role in pushing the brand at the customers?

Do you know?

Of course, everyone might have some idea. But you want to go through the unknown facts about the brand manager.

The only term that carries all responsibilities either to collapse or build the brand is ‘brand video manager’. The brand manager should balance everything to gain more clients by elaborating the brand through its products or services sales. We can say that they should have the pocket of updated video marketing trends and video advertising strategies through which the brand name can be expanded as the everlasting one.

Long-term business plan

Develop and execute a long-term business plan for a brand in terms of Video.

Video Programming Strategy

Create and lead Video Programming Strategy including Video Content Slate, creative and talent development, audience growth.

Staff management

Hire, train, and manage staff in terms of Video Digital.

Audience Development

Supervise Audience Development and Production Leads to ensure ongoing programming strategy.

Cross-collaboration partnerships

Develop, negotiate, and manage cross-collab partnerships with external Video creators, Digital brands, and Social Media Influencers.

Video Monetization

Track and optimize all Video Monetization efforts using Video Analytics.

Collaboration with Sales

Collaborate with Sales to create and execute sponsorship opportunities.

Video Distribution deals

Manage new platform Video Distribution deals and curate Video Content to multiple platforms.

Business Development

Work with Business Development to research and implement new revenue streams using Digital Media.

Synchronization of Rights Management

Coordinate with Rights Management to protect trademark and copyrights.

Offline video presence

Create an offline presence for the brand at events, conferences, and conventions using Video.


After reading this article you might get complete knowledge on how typical to carry the position as video brand manager. The name itself will be the hulk for them to overcome in reaching the success target.

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